Monday Hangover

Friday I really was planning to stay in, but when Jackass calls me and tells me the German called me a pussy. Well I can’t have a challenge to my manhood like that. 

 So I went out,hit JWH, and the bad was pretty good. Got to serious drinking. German and I even hit Teehans for a Car bomb…a couple times. Jackass and German wrestled in some bushes. Thought it was a little homoerotic but hey who am I to judge. We all headed down to Durbins, and German checked out and went to rest at Jackass’s crib. Me and Jackass continued to drink at Durbins way after close. Then when we went back to his crib, he brought out this wallet that shoots flames when you open it.

Oh that’s a good idea….Jackass lit the wallet, and then tossed it a the German. I just had visions of use going to the Emergency room.   Me and Jackass hit the Olympic Star, oddly enough when we got back the German was gone. Awww.

Saturday had a wedding to go to. White Chocalate’s and mine friends got married, of course I was late, and walked in right in the middle of the toasts. Was at the Riveria, and was pissed at them. They cut the groom off, that’s tall bullshit right there. We hit the bars afterwards. I hooked up with my friends at JWH.  #1 fricking jacked me in the balls quite a bit that night, was starting to get a little angry, so I titty slapped her before I left. I had a great time there, then OCD hung out with me. We went to Teehans met the wedding party, and White Chocolate up there. Had a bit more to drink, My cousin had me cracking up all night. He’s like DeNiro in Goodfellas working the room.

From there OCD and me headed to Durbins, where my brother came up as well.  I guess it’s no secret, since we were in a public place, and the whole bar was watching us. It’s the price of my fame, I know it’s a curse. Me and her made out in the bar. Now I am angry with myself. Sober me does have more control, and I just don’t want a friends with benefits relationship. I want a real relationship, I want to find someone to build a future with. The problem is Drunk River has less control, and rarely gives a fuck. Things sometimes get out of hand.  Not that I regret doing it, I don’t have regrets, and I enjoy her company. It’s just why should I put in the effort, if she doesn’t want to take an active part of my life.

Most people see no harm in a little fun, but I have dedicated my life to fun. It really hasn’t gotten me nowhere, but alot of good memories, but memories don’t pay the bills.

Ended up the night at the Olympic Star with My brother, his friend, and OCD.

Sunday was the Bears game. That’s always fun gather with my friends. I was a little worried about Commando, she had a real rough week, and she was not her usual jovial self. So I tried to make it a point to cheer her up. The key…cookies with frosting on them.  I got a few, got one for OCD too. dropped it off on the way home.  Jackass was in rare form as well. Ended up going home bout 8ish.

I had a great weekend, spent with family and friends alike. It’s weekends like this that really make me feel blessed, and that my life is pretty fricking awesome. Doesn’t hurt either when you walk into a bar, and a bunch of girls start screaming your name.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. I was not jacking you in the balls, I was trying to find them for OCD. And in my defense, the last time I had spoken to you, I told you I was gonna do it. I always follow through with the type of thing. 🙂

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