Monday Hangover

Friday – Stayed in, and relaxed despite being called out by my friends.

Saturday – had a great housewarming party. Brought a Cheesecake, that my guy makes homemade, which is a huge hit,  and the card I gave them they are still laughing at. After that I headed to the Geek Princesses crib, when I arrived her daughter went nuts, I thought I was a Rock Star, she even brought one of her friends to challenge me in an ice cream eating contest…the poor young soul.

So I just chilled with #1, Towelie, Nascar, RJ, Trannylover, and her sister Butters, and the Geek Princess. We had some laughs. Geek Princess has a fridge with no hinges…what the hell is that. So we all laughed at that. So after a bit of drinking, Geek Princess, Butters, Trannylover, and I went to Durbins. Had a fun time there, Trannylover and Butters got into a fight. Thank god I don’t have sisters. geez.

Sunday – Got really drunk with the Bears drink package. Great time with Torino, Commando, Tallegdega, Jackass, his parents, Nascar, and a whole bunch of other people.  We then went to Durbins, that’s when things got wierd, a mystery girl who Jackass dropped the ball on, and an old guy who I had tossed out of the bar, who now come to think of it, I think was the same one I was having problems with at Baileys.

But I wouldn’t dare start shit at Durbins, I’m related to the owner, and if it got back to my Grandpa, someone is going to get hurt.


5 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. You forgot to mention how we talked about your ashy nipples.

  2. Why are my comments awaiting moderation??

  3. I should be free to comment as much as I desire.

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