Monday Hangover

Actually this Hangover started on Thursday, it was the Bear game.  Me and My friends gathered at Talladega’s crib to watch the game. What a great game it was. I even won a few bucks on a strip card. Man I drank, and ate way…way too much. Heck between like 5 of us we drank a gallon of apple pie shots, and Talladega makes them himself with grain alcohol.  After that me a Jackass hit the bars, but I made sure I was home about midnight.

Friday went to this bar in a town in Peotone to visit the Cougar. I told her to wear something sexy, she wore the same outfit she wore on New Years Eve last year…pfft. Good thing I didn’t take a picture with my hand on her boob, it would be like a rerun. Luckily I ain’t her man, I would rectify the situation and take her shopping. Hooker-look is still in right?

Peotone is way down south, a little farming type community, that likes Nascar a little too much. I was mildly surprised though most of clientele were older than dirt, the bar itself was nice, no sawdust on the floor, and no mechanical bull. I went with Jackass, and the Geek Princess. I had a good time, despite the fact I was driving, and couldn’t really drink all that much.

Saturday I stayed in, yep good boy..tried to play some video games, but decided to catch up on watching some shitty movies instead.

Sunday 11/21 was Slava.  I’m mostly Italian, but I am also 25% Serbian. In Serbian Orthodox religion each family has a patron saint. Ours is St. Michael the Archangel, whom my middle name derives from. On that saints feast day (which isn’t the same as Catholic’s feast day entirely) we celebrate our ancestors, with our friends, and family. I went to church with my Uncle, and had a lovely breakfast with him.

Before I continue, sometimes I say stuff in a manner that seems cold, and mean, but I don’t do it with any malicious intent. I said something to Trannylover that at first seemed mean, but after talking to her I made her understand my thought process, we cool now, but I realize that sometimes I may be a tosh harsh, it’s all about the tough love though.

I then fixed a computer for a friend, then progressed to celebrate Slava. My Serbian grandfather Branko, loved Crown Royal, throughout the course of the evening I had 3 shots of it in honor of him. He told me that when doing shots with friends you should always do at least 3 shots. One for coming, One for staying, and One for going. A prolific man my Grandfather was, he could speak 7 languages fluently, and was hard as nails. I miss him dearly.

Though my family wasn’t around I celebrated with my extended family my friends. Nascar, Jackass, Talladega, his cousin, #1, Geek Princess. Trannylover, Polski Princess,  and a few more peeps who I don’t have nicknames for. 

When I was driving home, and I saw Jackass stumbling to his crib, and this morning getting the texts back that says they feel like shit, I knew it was a great Slava, and a great Sunday Funday.

 Thanks for celebrating with me, and as we say in the home country of my grandfather…. Sretna (stretch-na) Slava


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