Monday Hangover

Long weekends make for rougher Mondays….that’s for sure.

So Thanksgiving I did the family thing, later that night I met Jackass, Torino, Commando, Nascar, Geek Princess out for a few. When I say a few I mean alot. I got really hammered, really hammered. Everyone else went home. I crashed at Jackass’s crib, where we watched movies, drank, and he baked cookies. We called German at 4am, and he popped over for some cookies and movies. Wish I could tell you I saw the movie, I don’t remember. I passed out. I woke up the next morning with an empty cup in my hand, and a plate of cookies near me. Oddly enough the cookies were pretty good.

Friday I stayed in, and recouped. Saturday though I went out, I promised a bunch of girls I would go with them to a bar closer to the city. This one girl drove me whom I will call Tabasco, because she wagered before I couldn’t drink a bottle of tabasco, and she lost that bet…and I think I burned my ass.

So Tabasco drove to this bar called Lawlors. It’s like this little city tavern, which I do love. Alot of people I haven’t seen in a long while were up there, and it was good to see them. We started to do shots, and more shots. Luckily I took it easy…Tabasco not so much she got hammered.  So being more sober drove back to Tinley, as we were driving Tabasco starts rubbing my neck, which if you would have saw my face it would have been funny as hell. Without getting to graphic, or gross she then took my hand of the center console used it to feel around down there if you get my meaning, after a while she grabbed my hand pulled away and just held it….then passed out.  Unlike most people I don’t have an angel that pops up on my shoulder, just two devils. I had to fight them off.

So here I got this passed out girl, driving around Tinley. Trying to get out of her where she lives, getting gibberish back. So I parked at Jackass’s crib, trying to talk to her, of no use. I then just said fuck it rifled through her purse, and got her address from her driver’s license.

Drove her home, and took another hour bout to make sure I had the right place, and get her motivated to go into the house. I got her in, didn’t know if I was going to be shot by someone or what. Luckily a couch was right there, got her on it, took her boots off, put a blanket on her. Was going to crash there, but didn’t want the drama of waking up to an angry father. So I got the heck out of there. Side note I was thinking of stopping by Tallagdega’s crib he doesn’t live that far from where I was.

I walked back to Olympic Star from her house which is about a 4 or 5 mile walk at least, in freezing weather. It wasn’t all that bad, but my friends all were like, “Why didn’t you call me?”  That isn’t my style, I try not to bother them when I can…though the sentiment touched me. At Olympic Star ate a little, and a friend drove me the rest of my way to my car which was a couple blocks. I got home around 6am, and I hopped on Facebook to check things, Talladega pops up, What the heck,  they were still partying, I should have stopped by damn it.  

Sunday it was just a drunken fest of friends, and football. Nothing really out of the ordinary happened besides Jackass getting tore up happened, and a little drama which doesn’t concern me. (two friends who date each other, it’s best to keep my nose out of that mire of drama) One funny thing about Sunday, this big guy I know, I mean he’s like a the bouncer type goes, “I’m hungry watch this”  He walks up to a couple dudes who had a to go pizza box, opens the box and was about to take some before they stopped him. It was just funny as hell.  Sundays just about good laughs and good fun.

Tallagdega’s cousin hangs around us, and expressed an interest in the blog.  So lets give him the name Ice, cause he’s a salesman and from what I know of him,  I bet he could sell Ice to Eskimos. and I’m sure he’ll play a part in future Monday Hangovers.

Right now my calves are killing me, stupid exercise. LOL!


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