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It’s nice when someone else notice your work

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Now most of my friends don’t know, or don’t care that I indulge my geeky side and write a blog about MMO’s or Massive Multiplayer Online games, such as World of Warcraft. Surely even the most non techie has heard of World of Warcraft somewhere. It’s only got 12 million people playing, more people then some 3rd world countries.

Well when my MMO blog High Latency Life. made Massively list for Blogs to watch in 2011, I was deeply honored, and taken aback.  I consider this a hobby, like any other hobby. It’s nice though to get feedback, and know you’re doing something right.

Monday Hangover

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Thursday night started this odyssey. Went out what meant to be a few, which ended up me and Jackass going to Torino’s and Commando’s crib with a frozen turkey at 5:30am. I really don’t remember much from that night but bits and pieces. Started of at JWH, with Tallagdega. Then of course I hit Teehans for a bit, ended up at Durbins. Where a bartender asked me to do an unknown shot, I told her what’s in it for me. She goes, “What do you want?” I go, “Boobs” She replies, “Ok”  So I down the shot, and I got a shot of her boobs…and they were nice.  Then we headed out to Torino’s with our frozen turkey. It was 7am by the time I got home.

Christmas Eve- I spent with my Mom’s side, and that side had a bit of Drama as is usually the case. Didn’t hit the bars, I was tired and needed some rest.

Christmas Day – I spent it with my Dad. It’s a little bittersweet with my father. To see him in such bad shape physically, and financially really hurts me to the core. I went out, hit JWH with my friends, and bought them some Christmas drinks. Hit Teehans, and then Durbins as well, spread some Christmas cheer. Went home about 3am.

Sunday Funday – Bears won, and everyone got a little nuts, except me. I wasn’t in that good of a mood, alot of things are weighing heavily on my mind as of late, and I just didn’t feel like drinking. Though there were some highlights like when I got Tallegdega with a shot of Bacardi 151.  Then there was me making out with OCD in front of everyone, yeah a moment of weakness on my part, perhaps her part too.

Commando had me laughing the hardest though. At one point she had these large funny sunglasses on, and a pair of little girl panties on from this White Elephant gift thing we did at the bar. She went to the OS like that, walked in like a superstar. She also was talking about the times I grow quiet, and just sit there and listen. She commented how I actually do listen, and file the things away, and analyze things said, then she turns to me and goes, “I don’t like it”  It was just a funny moment.  I do enjoy hearing what people think about me, and what they think is going on in my mind. Perhaps she’s right about me, or perhaps she is wrong. I won’t really give away my secrets. I rarely do give away my secrets.

There’s alot of things that happened this night, things I can’t really divulge in a blog that now practically all my friends read, but I will say one thing alot of Drama is afoot, and I’m kind of looking forward to 2011. It’s starting to shape up to be very interesting indeed.


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Merry Christmas Douchebags!

I’m sorry is the simplest thing to say.

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It’s funny, I fuck up on a daily basis. It’s part of life. It’s if you learn from those mistakes that really matters. So I may fuck up, but I know when I am in the wrong, and happily say I am sorry, and make amends when I can.

You know I am in kinda of an argument, not really an argument per se with someone perhaps more of a cooling off stage. They wrote me two nice well written emails, but as I read it, not once was she apologetic. Oh sure it’s filled with excuses, and reasons, then she goes and attacks me and saying that I’m the one that’s changed.  She’s the one that snapped on me, and was a jerk to me perhaps a simple sorry would of sufficed. That’s the problem I am coming to realize with this person, she never thinks she is in the wrong, to the point where it gets obnoxious. Real Obnoxious. 

Remember when your life is shitty, or your depressed, doesn’t excuse you from being an jagoff, or a bitch.

Every Man has His Price.

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Mine is pretty low. I’ll admit I am a whore of the highest order. I was a little upset at my job, the way things went down. I am basically two companies bitch, instead of one. Taking orders from multiple places does not sit well with me.

So I was thinking of brushing off ye old resume, and get in the process of moving on….

Today they sideswiped me with a fat bonus check, I was literally stunned. Yeah I’m back to being loyal for now as long as this bonus check will last them. As fat as it was it bought at least a few months.

Christmas is going to be good this year, real good.

Monday Hangover

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Friday started off with a Wake for a friends Grandmother, which is sad indeed. My Grandmother is going to be 90, and I’m very close to her, so it will be rough when she passes.  Then I went to a Birthday celebration for the Cougar at 191. I am not a huge fan of the bar, because it’s a tad too crowded. I like to get my drink right away, what can I say, I’m a bit of a Lush.  Then I hooked up with Jackass and hit the Oak Park Avenue strip. I got kinda drunk, and I finally went home about 6am. Oh crap I gotta get up at 8am for an appt. at the Car Dealership. DOH! #1 kind of pissed me off that night, so I gave her the cold shoulder. She snapped at me, and I am not one of her kids. She’s been snappy to alot of my friends lately, I wonder if something is going on in her life. Perhaps she just needs a good dick.

Saturday, I got up did the Car Dealership thang, and shopping. Took a nappy poo, and then hit the town again to see my boys Rendition. A band I really like, and the lead singer is a friend of mine. Then I hit Teehans with Towelie none the less. It was nice to hang out with him, he went home, I went to Kick offs a 5am bar. Had breakfast at the OS.

Sunday – Had my Stepdad’s 72nd Bday party, it was ok. I tell you what though if I was him, the only gift I would want is a bullet between the eyes.  He does it though, and is pretty cheery too.  Then I met some of the girls out for Sunday Funday, we went out for dinner, it’s just funny how girls talk when they let their guard down. I just sat there and soaked it all in, because my throat wasn’t feeling up to snuff. Commando mentioned she doesn’t like when I do that. She never explaned why. Also as an added treat, RJ, Muffdiver, Commando all sang a Catholic song, it was like angels came down to sing….falled angels.

After that I went to get my TRON on, I thought it was good, but then again I’m a nerd.

Good thing I was going to stay in this weekend huh?

The Servant Waits

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“The servant waits, as the master baits” – A line from History of the World, part 1.

Masturbation is one of those human things that we seem shameful of, like crapping, or farting, but if not alot of us, we all do it. Women double-click their own mouses, and Men waggle their joysticks around. The frequency, and how we do it may vary. I remember in my teen years it was looked down upon, like if you did it you were some sort of homosexual. Like the rumor, women don’t fart, and real men don’t whack off.  Silly, and juvenile notion to be sure.

I don’t remember at what age I really discovered it, I had to be about 11 or 12 I think, all I remember is what to. I beat my dick like it owed me money to the Sears Catalog, Lingerie section. Hey what the hell they were hot, and in their skivvies. I remember, and this is probably common when I first orgasmed I somehow broke it, cause white stuff spewed out. Thank goodness for Libraries, so I can look up this stuff when I have to.

I don’t know much about Woman’s masturbatory schedule’s, but I do know for them it’s more ritualistic. For Men, well at least for me it’s more like a chore. Like I do it to clean the pipes so to speak, usually in the morning before the shower I whip one out. I have to clear the mind of lustful thoughts, cause well I’m very filled with all the deadly sins, lust being one of my worst. So it acts as I kind of a purge of that stuff.  In my humble opinion, I think why most men our crappy lovers they view love making as they view masturbation. For men, masturbation is goal oriented, we don’t really take our time and enjoy the experience more like women do, perhaps if we did take  our time with it, it would help us become better lovers.

I spent my life trying to remove it from computers, so it made me a little jaded.  I’ve seen it all, plus ever since my brother showed me a video tape in 7th grade of a girl fucking a horse, and other girls fucking stranger animals I think I was shocked for life, and made an instant cynic.  What I masturbate to is past memories of girlfriends, and perhaps think of girls I have a crush on now.  Once in a blue moon I come across a bit of porn, or filth that pleases me but thats few and far between.

One of my more guiltier pleasures is that I do love watching a woman masturbate, because it helps me learn what kind of gets that girl off. Every woman is different, and seeing them masturbate is like a little key to the palace so to speak. Do they like clitoral stimulation, their breasts played with, etc, etc..

Probably one of my annoyances in the country I live,  is with our puritanical view of sex in America, where violence is more acceptable than making love. It’s a little warped I think, but don’t get me wrong I like wiping out legions of things in my video games too, oh wait the game has a hooker in it….FOR SHAME!

Having a Ball.

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Ok..Ok…I promised a post on masturbation…you’ll get it….sooner or later. Last night I did something even a little Nutty even for me. I was sitting around playing World of Warcraft, as I do once in a great while, and I get a text from this girl I know. She says, “I see you”  Well I play around a bit, then I get another text from a strange number, it said ” I see you too”

Well I ask the strange number who it is, they give me a smart answer back. I was like ok, if you don’t tell me who you are I’m going to send you a picture of my balls. The Stranger goes, “I would like that”.  Alrighty then, well I knew it had to be a friend of the original girl, so I snapped a picture of my right nut (a little tug and seperation going on to get the right angle), and sent it to the strange number.

Turns out it was the friend of the original girl. See there’s a group of about 8-9 Durbins waitresses/bartenders that call themeselves the DRDC, or Drunk Rowdy Durbins Chicks.  They are pretty nuts, and now alot of them now seen my nuts, or rather nut.

Well at least I’m a ball to be around.*

Also my heart, and thoughts go out to my friend Torino, he lost his grandmother last night. I hate when bad things happen to good people.

*I apologize for all the bad puns, and play on words…but I can’t resist.

Happy Birthday White Chocolate.

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Well I could write a book on the great times me, and my cousin White Chocolate have spent together.  He’s been there for some of the toughest, and best times of my life. He’s more than a cousin, he’s like my brother, and my best friend rolled into one. There’s a picture I saw that sums up my relationship, it’s of us, I was 5 ot 6, and he was 4 or 5, and we were sitting at a kitchen table hugging each other.

I am so proud of him, I was there when he had those books open to better himself, when others wrote him off. We all have fuck ups in our life, but he’s never laid down in defeat. He would get back up, dust himself off and keep fighting. That’s why I’m proud the same blood that flows through my veins, flows through.

I hope he knows that no matter where he goes in life, and what he does. I got his back, and will always be there for him.

Happy Birthday Cuz, I love you.

Never Shit in your Own Backyard.

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“Never Shit In Your Own Backyard” – Phil Cavelle

My father gave me that little bit of advice as a younger man, and I have been pretty good in following it, except in a few lapses with it.

In need of a fresh topic I turned to Commando for one, which is one of my favorite things write on something someone else gives me. She first suggested Masturbation as the topic, she later said she was kidding, but that’s tomorrows topic.  Today’s topic is “How one shouldn’t date within a circle of friends.”  Now I know why she wanted me to write on this topic, we have a few friends that date each other, and their relationship is strained, it’s puts strain on the whole circle of friends, but I am not them, and I can only speak from my experience.

I am going to talk about the little tale of me and and a girl I call OCD.

As a normal kind of guy, lets face it being one step from hanging out under a bridge waiting for 3 goats to pass it’s hard to meet women sometimes. Having alot of female friends that hang around you, it’s easy for one another to develop some sort of feelings for each other. You’re both hanging out same places, like the same things, you get drunk one night, then you’re making out in the back of a bar on video.

I met OCD through mutual friends that hung out at the bar I frequent, hell let’s be honest, if I hung out there any longer I would be a stool in the joint. I have a problem, especially when I’m drunk, I love to flirt…alot. The problem OCD has, is she is a huge flirt too, and feeds into my flirting as well.  I generally enjoyed her company, and upon the advice of our circle of friends, I asked her out.

Well there lies our problems, our circle of friends. They have their own expectations, and hopes for us as their friends, and want us to see us happy…or just want another open bar at our wedding. So they make suggestions to get us together. To see if there could be a love connection. The problem lies as our friends they form these expectations if we don’t meet them, then they get upset as well.  

So I went out with OCD a few times, and then she wanted to meet me at a bar, and “talk.” I knew no good could come of this. She gave me this little speech on how she just wanted to be friends, and that’s all…nothing more. At first I was angry, and when I’m angry, I get mean. How mean? Well let me put it this way, a company called Hanlons tried to screw a good friend out of money, I was willing to blow the fucking place up.  I don’t burn bridges, I scorch the mother fucking earth.

I had to bite my tongue, and think though, because my actions like a pebble in a pond, would have consequences that would have emnated from one mishap. So I swallowed my pride, and agreed to that. I was hurt, and I vowed if she just wanted to be friends, that’s what we will be. If I did blow up it could have cost division among our friends, most likely the girls would have sided with OCD, and my boys sided with me. Things could have gotten pretty uncomfortable for everyone.  

Me and OCD’s story isn’t quite over yet, we flirt alot, and lets just say we’ve made out a bit. She may want a friends with benefit situation which most guys would die for, but not me I am cut from a different cloth. I want something more serious, I want someone I can build a future with, not just play around with. So until she can give me what I want, I refuse to give her what she wants. Now once in a while I get shit from some of my friends, because they want me to be with OCD, but they don’t know the whole story. Like Talladega once told me that I should be with OCD, and I just nodded and smiled, and said, “We’ll see”, but it angers me a bit, because people think it’s me who doesn’t want a serious relationship.

See the point I’m trying to make, and trying to tell you if I would have never gotten involved with OCD, if I was the smarter man and not gave in, there wouldn’t be any of this. I wouldn’t have to worry about not only my feelings, and OCD’s feelings, but the thoughts and feelings of my friends. That my actions with OCD affect not only my life, but theirs as well.  None of this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t shit in my own backyard, too late now though I got a big steamy pile, and I’m afraid I’ll step in it.  So take some advice from me, as given to me from my father, and never shit in your own backyard.