Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Thus it says in the bible.  I’ve been accused by people, that I am to judgemental, to critical, and to opinionated.

Judgemental – Yeah this is probably one of my biggest faults in terms that I do it way too often. I guess maybe after 15 years of bouncing, and judging people whether they are assholes or not, or maybe because I was always judged, being one of the biggest kids in school I was always criticized for this or that.  What I judge is kind of weird too, I don’t give a shite how bad, or good you are, hell I’ve been known to hang out with strippers, and drug dealers before. I just don’t like stupid, or ill-mannered. I don’t really know where it comes from, but I know why I do it, and I’ll get that later.

Critical – I am way too critical of myself, so how can I not be somewhat critical of others. The reason this blog is called Chaotic Ramblings, is my head is a maelstrom of thoughts, and it is constantly analysing everything. One of the reasons I drink is to turn my brain off sometimes.

Opinionated – Well I don’t have an opinion on everything, but that which I do I feel very strongly about. I feel I am a critical thinker, and how can you be a critical thinker, and not be opinionated.

Why I do it –

Selfish with my time – There is no commodity more precious to me than time, money I spend like a drunken sailor in a dollar whorehouse. You might think the activities I do is a waste of time, and to you they are. To me decompressing through say playing video games is essential to keeping myself sane, or I feel hanging out with friends is important because they are so important to me. So if you are a waste of my time, you are not judged worthy of my time.

Critical of myself – I live by a high standard of rules, and ethics. Though they are not of the normal variety, there are still rules that I live my life by. For example, when invited to someones house for an event, say dinner, party, etc. I always bring something say a bottle of wine. I rarely deviate from this rule (unless I’m broke). So if I’m critical of myself, how can I not be critical of others.

Ego – I have a big one, it comes from being able to accomplish anything I set my mind to, the problem is I have to set my mind to it. I use to be alot worse, I always treated myself like I was a dethroned nobility, and everyone else were peasants….I loosened that ideal up…a little. Do I think I am better than everyone else, nope just most of them.

Distrustful – I think most humans are scum…I’m just saying.  

Now I sometimes these attitudes spill over unto my friends, like when Jackass cries at Marly and Me, I shake my head in disgust, or when one of my friends go beyond stupid that reflects bad upon me, I get angry, most of the time though with my friends I have little opinions and I stand by them, like I love hooker boots, or when Commando takes home buffett food in a togo box, I think it’s ghetto…I can’t help it, and I don’t mean no malice behind it. 

There are times though I have to eat my words, when my big mouth writes checks, my ass has to cash. For example Cougar wore a visor. I hate visors on chicks, unless your going to play some tennis, leave the visor at home. If a dude wears a visor, I think I would beat him on sight.  Well I told her my opinion on visors, and Cougar well didn’t take it to easy. She told me she didn’t give a fuck what I thought. Evil River flared up and I was going to say really, I’ll remember that next time your computer blows up. But I had to laugh about it. I told her ok  if she found one actress or celebrity wearing a visor in a picture, I would buy her a steak dinner.

I didn’t hear anything from her for a while…then I get a picture back. I really laughed it was Maria Sharponova (sp?) whatever the hell her name is. A tennis player. Pfftt. I forgot to say no tennis players they wear visors all the fricking time. Oh well I thought it was funny she made me eat my words, and now she gets to eat some steak.  

Will I ever learn my lesson, probably not.


4 Responses to “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

  1. Steak dinner me!!

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