Monday Hangover

Oh dear lord, where do I begin.

Friday went out with my friends to a new bar Pete Mitchell’s in Frankfort to see our friend’s band play. It was a nice time, I just had a few drinks didn’t get drunk. Danced a bit. Muffdiver even got in the act, she actually got some moves on the dance floor. She is quite the enigma to me, she doesn’t say much at all, out of all my friends I know probably the least about her. When she let’s her guard down, and opens up she’s pretty cool chick. Good mellow time with friends is always fun. Though Geek Princess called me out when I didn’t want to hit the next bar. It was snowing, and I live close to this bar. I figured it best just to call it there.

Saturday – Was a little different story. I started off in Oak Lawn at a Bar called Deja Brew with the DRDC girls, the DRDC is a collective of bartenders/waittresses from one of the bars I hang out at. I saw Tallegdegas cousin Ice there, he was like, “What the hell you doing here?”  I told him drinking, and we did a shot together.  Then we moved to a bar called Hinky Dinks in Chicago.  Then I went back to Tinley Park, and picked up Jackass at midnight, that’s when the party really started. We hit JWH where we ran into Towelie, RJ, Tallegdega, and Muffdiver. This is where things get sketchy, cause I got drunk…really drunk… We then went to Teehans, and then to Durbins. I guess I acted a fool, I see some pictures..don’t quite remember.

Saturday melded into Sunday, and we went to Kickoff bar which closes at 5am. After which we grabbed some beers from Jackasss crib, and progressed to visit our friends. We visited Towelie, we buzzed his crib, He didn’t even ask who it was, just let us in. We could have been crazy deranged people. He was up and watching Harry Potter which I thought was odd, he tried to wake RJ, but she was out. So we visited with him, cracked some jokes.  After we left, I took a dive in his parking lot. Jackass was laughing his ass off. Then made our way to the German’s crib. Why do these people get up for us…oh yea were persistent bastards. There we played Cards, and chatted.  Me and Jackass then hit breakfast this was about 7am about. We then visit Talladega, he didn’t answer his door…poor form. We took a gnome of his porch, and held it hostage. After that we reloaded the beers, and called Geek Princess, I said, “Warm up the oven, we’re coming over to bake Snickerdoodles”  So we went over to Geek Princesses house for a bit. Had a few beers, ate some Snickerdoodles. She just looked at us, and said, “You guys are nuts”  She might have a point.

Now it’s time for the Bears game, all you can drink…It get blurry again here, and a little nuts. Drinking, and acting a fool. Alot of good friends were there, the usual cast of characters, like Torino, Commando, Talladega, Ice, but Nascar showed up, OCD, and Geek Princess. Flirting again with OCD, I can’t resist. The sober me is still angry that she just wants to be friends, and nothing more, but when I’m drunk she got these eyes that suck me in, and my resolve weakens. Then again I’m a shameless flirt. I don’t know I love doing it. It’s like a game, and I think we know how I love to game. Commando got hammered early, and she was dancing, and slurring. Even Torino went nuts, he was buying Apple Pie shots like they were going out of style. It was great he got tore up, from the floor up.

Well I finally rolled in at 10pm, and 24 hours after my adventure started. It’s been awhile since I had a 24 hour bender, and though it’s probably not a good idea, I feel it’s a great time, and some awesome memories….what I remember of it. Was I hurting today when I woke up, not as bad as I thought, but I was a tired mofo this morning that’s for sheezy.


3 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. This explains the voice mail I received from you and Jackass at 5:44 am on Sunday telling me you were in my driveway, peeing on my car. Thank God I didn’t answer the phone. Shitheads…

  2. Good times!!!! The owners of Hinky Dinks are my cousins…just a little FYI…crazy shit! And yes, Torino’s $189 bar tab would indicate he was buying apple pie shots like it was his job!! All in good fun…..loved the part where I had to sober up so we could get home! 🙂

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