Monday Hangover

I had Friday off, to go visit my brother in the hospital. I love the big guy…soon to be not so big.  Alas his threshold for pain…not so good. Never was, I remember when my brother got spanked he would cry and whimper like a little girl, thus sometimes aggravating my father getting more whacks. As for me I took mine stoically, and without a word, or whimper. My father would respect that, I would often feel bad for my brother, and ask to take his licking for him. My father was astounded. Well he came home Sunday, and he’s doing well. I envy him, and yet I don’t. His life is definately going to be different, but it is an end of an era. No more will there be “Get Fat” Sundays, where we order up some unhealthy as ass food, and watch Sunday TV, our big show was Sopranos.

Friday I was in a wierd mood cause of my brother, so I wanted to drink. Drink I did. Little blurry at times I remember just doing some over the top stuff like sucking a candy cane for a pic with Santa, who was a friend of mine. Just being a dancing fool, and did I mention drinking. So being all  kinds of Drunk, I went to Teehans for a Car Bomb, then to Durbins. I don’t remember any of Durbins, or much of Olympic Star where I at breakfast, and where I woke up from. I guess I decided to take a nap in their parking lot.  Woke up refreshed about 6:30am, then went home. Had a car appt at 9am, didn’t quite make that.

Saturday I stayed home for some much needed rest….

Sunday, went over to Jackass’s crib after putting in an hour of work. Yeah sometimes ya gotta do, what you gotta do. Tallegdega stopped by bringing a gallon of Apple Pie Shots. Some other friends stopped by, and between about 5 of us, we almost finished the gallon. We proceeded to JWH to watch the Bears get destroyed.  Thus me and my friends got destroyed, we drank alot. Then we got booted from JWH for a private party. We headed to Durbins, where we got even more drunk. One thing I am a little worried about this is the second week in a row I seen Torino tore up. He bought about 15 Jamesons shots, I just looked and him and said, “You don’t have to do this. ”  He just looked at me and it spoke volumes, and I just nodded my head, and said, “OK, lets’ do this”   He wants to be a drunken sot with me, and Jackass, ok…we gave him the worst undie grundie ever.

Sundays are always super fun, and I always look forward to them, but Mondays are always a little harsh to deal with.


3 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Wait, did your brother have gastric bypass surgery? Did I miss something? How’s he doing now?

    Sorry I missed you this weekend, but by the looks of it, you probably wouldn’t have even known if I was there. LOL

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