Having a Ball.

Ok..Ok…I promised a post on masturbation…you’ll get it….sooner or later. Last night I did something even a little Nutty even for me. I was sitting around playing World of Warcraft, as I do once in a great while, and I get a text from this girl I know. She says, “I see you”  Well I play around a bit, then I get another text from a strange number, it said ” I see you too”

Well I ask the strange number who it is, they give me a smart answer back. I was like ok, if you don’t tell me who you are I’m going to send you a picture of my balls. The Stranger goes, “I would like that”.  Alrighty then, well I knew it had to be a friend of the original girl, so I snapped a picture of my right nut (a little tug and seperation going on to get the right angle), and sent it to the strange number.

Turns out it was the friend of the original girl. See there’s a group of about 8-9 Durbins waitresses/bartenders that call themeselves the DRDC, or Drunk Rowdy Durbins Chicks.  They are pretty nuts, and now alot of them now seen my nuts, or rather nut.

Well at least I’m a ball to be around.*

Also my heart, and thoughts go out to my friend Torino, he lost his grandmother last night. I hate when bad things happen to good people.

*I apologize for all the bad puns, and play on words…but I can’t resist.


8 Responses to “Having a Ball.”

  1. I didn’t realize that the iPhone had a zoom lens. Geeze those phones really DO have everything…

  2. So you were smacking ariund your balls playing WoW… Oh nm I do that a lot too

  3. “Ok..Ok…I promised a post on masturbation…you’ll get it….sooner or later.”

    -I’m gonna say sooner… cause c’mon we all know how to please ourselves best of all.

  4. I just saw this… STFU Mike. That wasn’t my ass! LOL

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