Monday Hangover

Thursday night started this odyssey. Went out what meant to be a few, which ended up me and Jackass going to Torino’s and Commando’s crib with a frozen turkey at 5:30am. I really don’t remember much from that night but bits and pieces. Started of at JWH, with Tallagdega. Then of course I hit Teehans for a bit, ended up at Durbins. Where a bartender asked me to do an unknown shot, I told her what’s in it for me. She goes, “What do you want?” I go, “Boobs” She replies, “Ok”  So I down the shot, and I got a shot of her boobs…and they were nice.  Then we headed out to Torino’s with our frozen turkey. It was 7am by the time I got home.

Christmas Eve- I spent with my Mom’s side, and that side had a bit of Drama as is usually the case. Didn’t hit the bars, I was tired and needed some rest.

Christmas Day – I spent it with my Dad. It’s a little bittersweet with my father. To see him in such bad shape physically, and financially really hurts me to the core. I went out, hit JWH with my friends, and bought them some Christmas drinks. Hit Teehans, and then Durbins as well, spread some Christmas cheer. Went home about 3am.

Sunday Funday – Bears won, and everyone got a little nuts, except me. I wasn’t in that good of a mood, alot of things are weighing heavily on my mind as of late, and I just didn’t feel like drinking. Though there were some highlights like when I got Tallegdega with a shot of Bacardi 151.  Then there was me making out with OCD in front of everyone, yeah a moment of weakness on my part, perhaps her part too.

Commando had me laughing the hardest though. At one point she had these large funny sunglasses on, and a pair of little girl panties on from this White Elephant gift thing we did at the bar. She went to the OS like that, walked in like a superstar. She also was talking about the times I grow quiet, and just sit there and listen. She commented how I actually do listen, and file the things away, and analyze things said, then she turns to me and goes, “I don’t like it”  It was just a funny moment.  I do enjoy hearing what people think about me, and what they think is going on in my mind. Perhaps she’s right about me, or perhaps she is wrong. I won’t really give away my secrets. I rarely do give away my secrets.

There’s alot of things that happened this night, things I can’t really divulge in a blog that now practically all my friends read, but I will say one thing alot of Drama is afoot, and I’m kind of looking forward to 2011. It’s starting to shape up to be very interesting indeed.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Geek Princess Says:

    First, Thank you 🙂

    Second, I’m sorry to hear you are troubled. I’m hear with an ear if you ever want to talk about it.

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