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Monday Hangover

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Friday I didn’t do jack shite. Which was real nice for a change.

Saturday..First off let me say for the record I knew Saturday would not go as planned, I even mentioned New Lenox Jail to my friend Towlie.  I started the night by hitting Commando’s and Torinos crib, I am always amazed by Commando, she always puts out a great spread for us bums. She’s like a den mother for our clutch of deviants. After pregaming a bit we head to a bar in New Lenox called Charlestons, yeah I know right not at JWH, or a bar in Tinley.  Our friends band was playing up there, which we all have a good time with. It was a great time, of dancing and having fun. I was happy that the German, and OCD’s sister were getting to know each other better. Oh god the nerd came out of me too, they had Street Fighter 2…fuck Ryu is all I gotta say.  Like I said things were going great, until. Talledega got hit in the head by someone. I heard something to do with someone hitting on someone wife, and Talledega tried to intervene, but got jacked in the head. I was in the back, all I heard was that Jackass and Talledega about to get into a fight, and they aren’t backing down. Boom…glasses come off…Time to go to work. So when I get up there, bouncers were holding everyone back, and the situation was either going to explode or not. I was out for blood, I really was. These little douchebags fucking with my friends. I snapped. I knew inside the bar was no place to fight, so I told those mother fuckers I’ll be waiting for them outside. I went outside, and waited for them. When they came out, I told them, “Hey motherfuckers, big tough guys, cheap shotting bitches, here I am. Come on, let’s go”  Next thing I know bout 5 people are blocking my path, and OCD, and Commando trying to calm me down. I don’t know what I said, but I knew I wanted blood. I wanted them to know pain, and make them regret fucking with my friends. I felt like I let Talledega down for not being there in the first place, and I wanted to make them pay.  To no avail, the whole New Lenox police force showed up, when the cop asked me if I was cool, I said I was, I really wasn’t.

I got yelled at by Commando, she goes, “River, Chris Cavelle, when I tell you to calm down, you calm down”  I had to laugh at that. We went back to Torino’s and Commandos crib, starting eating up a storm. OCD fell on her ass, and she had Salsa all over the place. Jackass pulled her chair out as she went to sit down, OCD’s sister had a good time I guess, she was puking.  Towelie is such a nice guy, he was worried about the Salsa he helped clean it up.  Everyone went to bed, I wasn’t quite ready to retire yet. So I left, and kind of checked around Laraway for signs for those motherfuckers, drove by Charlestons again, got a little gas, rolled around Mcdonalds parking lot, I was debating going to Dendrinos, or Kickoffs to look for them, but doubted they would go that far for a late night bar. If I knew of a late night bar in the New Lenox area I would of went there for sure. So I went to bed, my thirst for blood unquenched.

Sunday –  I went to see The Rite. Awesome fricking movie, scary not in a schlock gore fest, but psychological kind of way, best performance by Anthony Hopkins since Silence of the Lambs. Hell I think I’m going to see it again I loved it so much.  Then I hit the bars for a couple of beers, and something to eat. It was nice, I enjoy talking to the bartenders that work on Sundays.

Reason #1 Why I Will Punch You In The Face

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I’m starting a new segment here on Chaotic Ramblings where I will talk about things that will result in me punching you in the face.  Sometimes, they will be serious crimes against humanity and others will essentially be pet peeves I absolutely can’t fucking stand.  Either way, I will punch you in the goddamn face.











Today’s reason:  the words “nom” or “nom nom nom.”

So, your sorry ass is posting pictures of your latest meal on Facebook because I guess you think you are Emeril or some shit and you have created some masterpiece of a dish.  In truth, you didn’t.  It’s not hard to cook.  Any jackass can follow a recipe, but I digress.  Ok, you just uploaded your latest masterpiece and followed it up with the comment “nom nom nom.”  What?!  Are you fucking Cookie Monster all of a sudden?  No, you are not!  You have the ability to choose any number of different adjectives to describe your meal and the best you can come up with is “nom!”  So, for the betterment of the human race.  Stop saying “nom” or I will punch you in the goddamn face.

So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World

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“So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World” – Shakespeare.

I don’t know if you remember this girl I knew got in a terrible car accident. Here’s the post, and on that post is a link for a website. Well her fiancee Chris Medina was on American Idol the other night. Just hearing him talk, and tell the story. I’m not a man who is really in touch with his emotions, but it moved even me. I’m not an American Idol fan, but I’ll be pulling for my boy.

I wish Chris, and Juliana the best of luck… The great thing about it, that mother fucker can sing, but I miss Julia Gulia. My beers don’t seem as cold without you.

Photo Friday

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She got a purty mouth….


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There’s a song from Korn and Disturbed on the Queen of the Damned movie’s soundtrack called “Forsaken”. In the song there is a line in it saying, “How can I be Forsaken, when I’m not the only one”

Bee just posted a post about being kind of lost in the mix so to speak. and she ponders if it’s gaming the root.  I have been without a real relationship for quite some time, and the ones I ever did have didn’t last long at all. This post made me think though, sometimes I lament that I don’t have that special someone in my life.

It’s funny though, I come to realize I am not the only one. There’s alot of people that are not “in” love with that special someone, and heck even married people sometimes have fallen out of love, and are miserable.  I find it ironic as well, that girl’s voicing this problem, I always thought a girl could toss a stone, and find some dude to fall in love with, perhaps not.

Also Bee, I, and many others I know share a common hobby and that’s being a Gamer. It’s funny how the stygmaticism of being a gamer is so prevelent, even a gamer sometimes believes it.  You know what I find it no different then any other hobby, and if you get obsessed with your hobby it can be dangerous. Tell you the truth, I find gaming MORE social than what other people do and watch TV for hours, I’m sorry if I would rather talk to people over Vent (computer software that allows you to talk to people), and play video games, than mindless sit in front of a TV set watching the sludge they call good programming these days like a vegetable. My mind is engaged, I’m working out puzzles, talking to people halfway cross the country while your waiting for Situation to scream “It’s Tshirt time once again.”  Now if you love TV thats your hobby, and I won’t knock it, it’s just not for me. In fact I no longer own a TV.

So yeah there are days I feel utterly alone, and little miserable, but it’s a little comforting to know I’m not the only one. Actually there is quite alot of us lovelorned out there, the use of internet dating sites is on the rise, by the way those sites aren’t for me, been there done that. Doesn’t seem organic to me.

But hey I may or not meet that special one, but I’m not going to let that stop me from keeping my eye open, and making the most out of my life, cause I firmly believe if I live a life that is exciting and fun, someone’s gonna take notice and want to live that life with me, but for now let’s all do a shot, and be alone, and miserable together.

Let me drop everything, and work on your problem

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Lately I’ve been getting alot of calls from people who want their computer fixed. Now I don’t mind helping people out at all, but my time is limited, and with work being so busy it’s very very limited. It’s the nature of the IT beast, one day your surfing the internet all day, the next your busting your ass working 10 hour days, even having to come in on the weekends. My record is working 27 hours straight to get a lab together for Governors State.

Anywho I do feel bad turning down some people, but I have to be a little judicious as of late, but you know what I think those that should get my help are those that deserve it. For example take the last 4 people that contacted me for computer help this week.

One was a lady whom I have not talk to in years…years, and out of the blue she’s begging me to help her fix her computer, she is a friend of my mothers, and she doesn’t even call my Mom to see how she’s doing on a regular basis. Her kids use to be friends of mine, but they don’t want nothing to do with me anymore, heck their on my facebook, and I don’t even get a “Hi, How are you?”  I know, I know the telephone cord goes both ways, but then again I’m not the one looking for help from them.

Another was this dude who I gave my number to him abotu 6 months ago to look at his sisters computer, he lost my number and a few months ago asked me again for it. Now I didn’t mind then, I wasn’t that busy when he asked me. Then after a couple months he’s calling me now, when I am way busy to help him. Go fly a kite.

Now there is  a busboy, who works very hard, and hooks me up when he can. He is very very appreciative of all I do. He asked me to help, I got him. Also another girl, who invites me to her partys, and who is cool with me, I’m helping her as well.

I guess it’s real hard for me to say no to people, and I feel a little guilty, but am I wrong in only helping people that deserve my help?

Surprising Interests.

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I have actually a wide spectrum of interests, and since I don’t get to share them on a daily basis I thought I would share them now.

Gaming – You may or may not know this, but I do love video games. Some of you might be…”Yea no shit”, but some of you may not know. It’s the reason I went into computers. I one day hoped I would make my own video game….yea and maybe one day monkeys might fly out my but. Other than video games, I do love all types of other games, card games like Rummy, or Poker. I love board games, like Monopoly, and Life. I really like competition, and thrive on that.

Writing- Well this one is kinda of like a no brainer since you probably read my stuff, but I do have several short stories, as well as my personal love, poetry. Yeah I actually like to read, and write poetry. I think it gives a short glimpse into emotion and the human condition that other works just can’t convey.

Movies – I love movies, I think I’ll watch anything though chick flicks are something I don’t prefer, I can tolerate them.

Music – I love music, all kinds. I can listen to Heavy Metal, Rap, Frank Sinatra. Hell I listen to some weird shit like Taiko Drumming on occasion. (Taiko Drumming is the Japanese big drums you may have seen, or not)

Sports – Football mostly. Baseball I can take it or leave it. I enjoy Hockey, and Basketball. I’m no fanatic, or do I follow the stats like some guys, but I just like watching and enjoying the competition.

Some surprising ones you may not know about –

Culture – I am not a real world traveller, and I doubt I’ll leave the US in my lifetime, but I do love learning about other cultures, I took several language courses in my lifetime not so much to learn the language, but to learn the culture.

History- I really do like learning about the olden days, and how things use to be. I especially love medieval, and ancient history. Yea I like going to the Ren Faire too.

Philosophy/Religion I devour all knowledge on these subjects like a velociraptor on a Jurassic Park tourist.

Animals – I really am an animal lover, my favorite being dogs. One day I hope to get one of my own, though I can’t take care of myself, let alone another entity.

Photography – I actually like taking pictures, I won a contest in High School, 2nd place in a VICA State Competition for my black and white photo of a World War Vet Memorial.

Exploring – I like going on little adventures, and seeing things I haven’t seen before. I’ve been known to just wander downtown, and take in the sites even by myself.

Debating – I actually like discussing, and debating topics, sometimes I’ll take a position totally opposite someone just for the sake of a good debate.  I like pushing buttons.

These are some of the major ones, I have a few minor ones to, like whiskey making, and always finding out new things I like everyday.