Monday Hangover

 Well it was New Years Eve Weekend.

On New Years Eve. I did the usual JWH, which was nice, the band rocked, it wasn’t too busy, but it wasn’t dead either. Yeah I got drunk, but not obliterated like last year.  I headed to Durbins, and it was a bit out of control. One of the bartenders who I do have a mad crush on was dancing on me, quite naughtily. The gods do enjoy mocking me.  I crashed at my friend’s, Jackass, crib with a few other friends. Me and Jackass couldn’t sleep so we started doing stupid stuff, like Commando was passed out, so we had some leftover Sausages courtesy of Geek Princess, we started to put the sausage on her lips.  Next morning when Torino was leaving he was like damn you snore loud, you need a CPAP machine, he handed me a huge WET/DRY vacuum. Overall a good night spent with my friends to usher in a new year, and say goodbye to the past one.

Saturday I stayed in for a much deserved rest.

Sunday Funday – These days are starting to become quite strange.  Last night Tallagdega got back together with Muffdiver, Some other friends are getting closer together ( I can’t divulge who right now), and last night I got into it with OCD a bit.

OCD made me angry last night, she said, “Dance Monkey, Dance”  This angered me to the point where I spilled the beans I knew she said some stuff to other people about me. Which I shouldn’t have…but it hurt. I was nothing but nice to her, and she thinks that about me. Well when someone hurts me, I hurt back. Immature I know, but my nature is that of a scorpion, or cobra. You jostle me, and I strike back, and I’m full of venom. This habit has cost me plenty of relationships, and friendships. I know how to use words to help, as well as hurt. After I strike, I know I’ve done a bad thing, but sometimes it’s too late. I don’t know if it’s too late here, but it almost cost me the friendship. There may never be a relationship, but I do not want to sacrifice the friendship.

Commando said our lives are like circuses, she’s right….you know what though it adds spice to life. Without Chaos, Life would be boring indeed, and no one likes Chaos more than me.


5 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. That is not what I think of you- I was being a smart ass. Didn’t realize that you would snap like that.

    • Sometimes I think thats all I am to you, some sort of clown or dancing monkey. Good enough to entertain you for a bit, and that’s it. When you said it that…that’s when I snapped. The world loves a fool, and I play my part to a tee.

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