Do I Have a Drinking Problem?

Someone once told me I had a drinking problem. She mentioned the reasons I thought that, and I came to realize that some of my friends don’t really know me all that well, and it is my fault. I keep alot of them at arms length. So let us explore the reasons of the why’s and wherefores of some of my behaviors. Today we’ll talk about my drinking.

Why I drink?

There are basically 2 reasons why I drink. The first reason is it is a celebration of life.  In my earlier life Death was a constant companion of mine, and those that live in the shadow of death, enjoy life so much more. Remember Vikings, and or Pirates when they get to drinking, it was to excess, and with great zeal. I am the same way. I love life, and love being with my friends, and I drink up to that. The other reason is to quiet my brain, my brain is a vortex of thoughts, constantly thinking and going. Sometime I enjoy just shutting it down, and quiet it. A little peace in the maelstrom of Chaos.

Where I drink?

I usually overdue it in the confines of Tinley Park, I rarely get wasted outside of that environment, not that I never do but most often only time is in Tinley. I never usually drink at home, I get bottles of booze all the time for working on computers. I still have a half a bottle of Crown Royal from 2 christmases ago. I rarely drink alone, and I mean alone like at home. I only let loose at a bar I know, and with friends.  If friends notice, they probably don’t that I don’t drink as much, or I drink beer when I am not in my home town, or my favorite bars, and if they notice I take on a bouncer like quality of scanning the crowd. I don’t feel comfortable, and I am on my guard. It’s a habit.

How I Drink?

I admit I am a binge drinker, which is a problem so I hear, but that’s how I live. All or nothing. I don’t half ass anything. Work, or play. I give 110%. Plus I view it like the Vikings, not only is it a celebration but a challenge. To drink more than my fellow man, and still stand. I like drink challenges, to go one on one with shots, or drinking whole bottles of booze. Feats that are still talked about for years after the event.

The stupid things I do?

I do not care what others think of me. I enjoy making people laugh, sometimes even if I am the butt of the joke. The world loves a fool, and I play the part well. For me there is a time and place for everything, am I going to lick a girls boobs at an insurance seminar, No, but in a bar at 2am, when we are both a little sauced up. Yes I will.  Bottomline is I do stupid funny things all the time, it has nothing to do with how I drunk I am, it has to do with the fact I’m batshit crazy.

When it’s all said and done….

I think about the amount of drinking I do, and sometimes I think I do over do it, but you know what I only live once, and if you’re going to live, might as well do it to the fullest.


2 Responses to “Do I Have a Drinking Problem?”

  1. “I don’t care what others think of me.” Lies! Your previous blog post showed that you do, otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten upset over a simple remark.

    As to whether your an alchy, I don’t know. So, I think I’m going to look up some interweb porn.

    • Ok maybe that was to general. I care about what my family, and friends think. I care about those people. Strangers or people I don’t know can suck my dick.

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