Death Wish

Someone asked me if I had a death wish, and I really didn’t know how to answer that. I have a destructive streak a mile wide, one of the main reasons is I don’t want to grow old and infirm (thus being a burden to anyone if you read my previous post). I do not have a WISH to die, nor a desire, I love life to much, I love everything about it. On the other hand I do not fear death, and don’t do much to avoid it. In fact I’ve been known to challenge it at times through my behaviour.

Why don’t I fear death, well there is a quote I heard from an Author I forgot, he said, “You can not fear, what you can not avoid”. Which is true, I can not avoid death, it happens to us all. Another great quote I like is from the movie Gladiator, where Proximo says, “We are all ultimately dead men, we can not choose how we die, but we can choose  how we face that death. So that we are remembered as men.” When it comes time for my death I will face it like a man. At one point of my life, I did want to end it, I did have a desire to die, but then I came to realize that my death would cause those I loved to much pain and sorrow, and how can I do that to the ones I loved, plus like I said there’s alot of the little things I still enjoy about life.

Bottomline no I’m not going to sit down on the train tracks and wait for a train to hit me, but I will continue to dance with the devil by the pale moon light, cause we can’t live forever.


2 Responses to “Death Wish”

  1. I understand having fun with life, but I see those people that dance too much and they are hooked up to O2 bottles and can’t walk more than 2 feet without huffing. My dad did drugs and drank a lot, and worked his body to the bone, he is now paying for the lack of foresight. You know all too well how a body can deteriorate and become confined to a chair with tubes sticking out of every hole. I don’t know the whole story to that, but people I do know that have lived carelessly , are now depressed with the outcome of those choices.

    Yes, we only life once and living it up is the point of life, but beating our bodies faster in the grave has become a dance with machines not fate.

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