Monday Hangover

Oh dear lord…what a fricking weekend. I really need a film crew because I can’t remember everything.

Friday was my companies Holiday party at Boilingbrook Country Club. Ever since my companies outing to Disney I got sort of a reputation as a party guy, and far be it from me to disappoint. Yea after a few Jim Beam Blacks and Diets, I was a dancing queen.  During this time, this girl whom I will call Kiddo, calls me hysterical, and uttering things like she wants to die, and such. Now coming from my background, even though she may of just been looking for attention, but I would rather err on the side of caution. I told her why doesn’t she just hang out with me after the holiday party, and we’ll go out for a few drinks. So after the Party I headed to JWH for a couple, and after Durbins. Me, Jackass, Geek Princess, and Kiddo went back to Jackass’s place for some more beers.

Wait what’s this RJ, and Towelie were hanging out with us to. I was stunned, they never hang out this late in the witching hours. Towelie and Jackass were playing with a Rubiks Cube, Damn Nerds.  Then these girls the Cougars came, one of them which is Jackass’s ex-girlfriend and who has a crush on Jackass came up there. I never seen Jackass so nervous. Really the Cougars are rude, and inconsiderate to invite themselves over like that.

Next morning Geek Princess sent me a text saying she, and one of the Cougars double teamed Jackass….I was like wait?  what? really? I didn’t know whether to hi-five Jackass, or smack him in the head for opening a can of worms. It was all a joke…shew!

Saturday I stayed in for much needed rest.

Sunday I was going to just take in a movie, and relax…then I got the text from Jackass…”We’re at JWH”… much for relaxation. Tallegdega was there, his cousin, Torino, Commando, Geek Princess, and Nascar we’re all there.  When I entered the bar, and they were chanting “River!”  I knew I was in serious trouble, and trouble I indeed was.

I don’t remember much after the shot of Bacardi 151 I did with Torino, or eating whole slices of lemons, and limes. After I won 100 bucks  on the football game, that was lights out jack. I remember just glimpses of what I being a dancing fool, making a jackass of myself in front of some pretty girls, or just messing with the bartender at Durbins.  I rolled in about 2am.

All I know is I woke this morning at 7am still drunk, and shitting out citrus salad. Man I love Sunday Fundays.


7 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Not to judge or anything, but ya’ll are a bunch of drunks! lol

  2. I have always made terrible decisions on 151. Can’t touch the stuff at all anymore.

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