Monday Hangover

You can tell how awesome my weekend is by the quality of my voice on Monday, and it’s pretty shitty today.

We start off Friday by hitting JWH with Torino, and slugging back a few Jacks while waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive. Me, Towelie, Geek Princess, and Nascar all went to a concert that night, It was Korn, Disturbed, Sevendust, and In this Moment.  It was a small venue, and the bands rocked.  Some interesting people watching there, Geek Princess busted me out eyeballing this girls ass, it was funny, but in my defense she was smoking hot. I felt bad for Towelie, he wanted to see the band, but he gave up the chance for the greater good. He was down on it, but I promised him that come hell or high water we will meet that band another time…even if I have to suck a cock or two to get backstage. He’s a good guy, and deserves some good fortune in his life, it upsets me being a person who sacrifices  for the common good alot of times in my life as well. We ended up at JWH for a few to finish the night off.

Saturday was Nascar’s birthday celebration, I have to say we all got a little nutty…like bad Facebook picture nutty. I started the night with a few Gentleman Jack drinks before I even hit the bars, so being a little buzzed before I hit the bars led to some crazy behavior. I think no girls boob was left untouched that night.  I wish I can go into more detail, but it’s real hazy. Then myself I hit Teehans and pounded a few Irish Car Bombs, then met everyone up at Durbins where things got crazier.  Some of us went back to Jackasses, to crash, we were about to, when a whole crew came over and now it was a party. The German was trashed more then I seen him trashed in quite some time.  I was in a drunken haze but at one point we were watching Porn, and bad Porn at that it was like the Munsters parody of Porn.Even Nascars Breasts made an appeareance.  It was very trippy, and damn it wish I could remember more of it, but it was a real great time had by all, but I would love for my friends who read this blog to comment here, and fill in some of the blanks. 

Sunday, I woke up at 9am at Jackasses, went home hit the showers, and came back ready to drink at 11am.  I called the German, he just answered the phone, “I hate you” . LOL! , I started hammering it, but peetered out early, Torino looked rough around the edges too. Jackass that motherfucker is like the Energizer bunny. I started to get reports back about Saturday, like #1 hitting me in the junk while I slept…nice, and me being bad with OCD. Commando cracks me up, everytime me and OCD would start up, Commando come hopping up between us, “Hey, whats going on?”   I also was involved in a very interesting conversation of what girls like sexually with OCD, her friend, Commando, and Muffdiver which will be fodder for another post later in the week. It was a great Bears Game, I just hope they can beat the Green Bay Packers to get in the Super Bowl. Ended up at Durbins, with OCD, then going to dinner with her at the OS. I hate the fact Sober River has alot of Control, but Drunk River not so much where it comes to OCD, I’m really worried while were both drunk we will cross that line, and one of us will end up with a broken heart, most likely mine.


4 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. You don’t remember a lot because you were sleeping through most of it. Hee hee Glad to know you were awake long enough to see my rack!

  2. I wasn’t hitting your junk. I was poking it to see if you were hard even though you were sleeping through the porn. I couldn’t find it though. Maybe next time.

  3. You almost got mushroom stamped in the forehead by a certain drunken someone, and I told him not to do it!! I saved your life! Torino and I attempted to screw in jackasses bathroom but were interrupted when another different drunke someone barged in, and when torino and I quickly pushed him out and shut the door, I forgot to remove my fingers from the door frame and almost lost my middle and ring fingers!! They were crushed…luckily Jackass had frozen salmon in the freezer, so I put that in! Also….Hustler Porn in HD is ridiculous!! We were commenting on all the nasty puffy va-jay-jay, pimply asses, and un-bleached ass “holes” Good times!!

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