Smack My Bitch Up

So Sunday I was privy to a conversation of what women like with a group of 4 or 5 of them, now I heard this before from certain women, but always thought they were the exception, not the rule. That day it clicked.

These women were saying they like it rough, hair pulling, a little choking, slamming against walls, etc.etc. Then it dawned on me, that’s why nice guys get left in the dust, cause like me when I totally love a girl, I put her on a pedastal, and treat her like a gentile flower. That’s not what she wants. Of course I’m sure the limits each girl has is different, but I think maybe this is way more common then I thought.

Well it makes sense why I got more play when I was younger, I didn’t give a shit about a girl, and treated her like shit, and she actually got off it, when I am looking for love treating them how I think they want to be treated thats where things break down.

I always knew women like assholes more, cause of the confidence aspect, but it must have to do with the aggression part of it as well.  Attraction isn’t a choice, it just happens, part of attraction is making the girl feel this spark, this spark is generated by raw primal emotions on a girl.

The thing that got me curious as to the limits, how far can I go? Should I bite her neck and draw blood, when I choke her should I wait until she’s blue. What is taboo, if anything? Are their girls that don’t like this rough stuff? So many unanswered questions, and it leaves me hungry for more.

Well it gave me food for thought, and it was a very interesting conversation. I do think though if you give yourself a bloody nose while eating a girls pussy, you might be a little to eager…then again that’s just me.


6 Responses to “Smack My Bitch Up”

  1. Nothing wrong with being a little rough as long as you aren’t seriously hurting me (bruises and shit) and you’re respecting my limits.

  2. First of all, rough, is good, a lot of the time; but it is balanced with passion. At least for me, the passion and “roughness” are fueled by a tremendous love between 2 people. Being rough, agressive, pulling hair, etc. hardly makes the man an asshole. Secondly, women who know what they want and what they like will let you know!! It’s not like Torino was psychic and knew I liked getting my hair pulled or knew I liked having him control my head when I’m giving him a BJ…these were all learned, and mainly by me showing him. If there are limits….those get learned too!! Trial and Error!

  3. What they said. Don’t associate aggressive or rough sex with being an asshole. Sometimes women want to be made love to and other times they just want to passionately fuck like animals. Mixing things up like that is healthy for a relationship.

  4. Geek Princess Says:

    First of all I don’t think anyone should be put on a pedestal, no one can live up to that standard. And I don’t think enjoying rough sex has any correlation to being with an asshole. Sex can and should be fun and enjoyable between the participants. I happen to like getting dominated, tossed around with my hair pulled and my ass smacked. Why would that make it mean any less to me if someone was thoughtful enough to get me flowers or a card? Because I like it tender as well: slow facing each other and looking into your lovers eyes as you go over the edge. And I’m not afraid to help my partner understand what type of mood I’m in either. In my mind the only things that are taboo are those that either don’t work or make you or your partner uncomfortable

  5. white chocolate Says:

    donkey punch he haw!!

  6. I personally enjoy it rough only some of the time, but like to be dominated most of the time. The aggressive male in the bedroom is a MAJOR turn on.

    Take my bf for example.

    He is the sweetest nicest guy you will ever meet. He adores me, has me on a pedestal if you will. In the bedroom though he changes. He becomes an aggressive dominate male. I love it!

    As Commando said above, communication is key. I am very vocal about what I like and don’t like. The more you express to your partner about what you like, the better the sex is.

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