Monday Hangover

Friday – We go to Baileys for Towelie, and Nascar’s sister birthday. Now I for one loathe Baileys, it’s filled with old skeevy people. I think what made the night was Commando, she got hammered. She started dancing with RJ, and Muffdiver, doing a little show, and lifting her leg over her head shouting, “I’m super flexible.”  I think the old dudes all had boners there, they’ll be sadly disappointed next Friday when these hot 20 something girls won’t be there. Overall a great time, I even talked the German into coming to Durbins for a couple. Which was awesome cause the DRDC showed up dressed to the nines. The DRDC is a group of girls that work at Durbins that call themselves the Drunk Rowdy Durbins Chicks. They fit the bill that night. So after cutting the rug  a bit (that’s dancing) with some of the DRDC, I headed home.

Saturday – Either was a great day, or a bad day I don’t quite know, or remember. I started with an all you can drink party for a coworkers 30th birthday at Durbins, and ended up on Jackasses couch puking. The how I got from the party to the couch is really by drinking an asston of Jack Daniels. Some spattering of tales, and a drunk picture of myself.

Sunday – I was really rough around the edges, It was a beer day indeed. RJ was with us, she came up to me alone goes, “Do you remember motorboating me last night? I don’t appreciate that.”  I started to freak a little. I apologized, she started laughing.  Though I think the funniest moment was when Commando comes up to me drunkenly, “I lost my shirt, you see my shirt”  Just cracked me up. Other then that because the Bears lost, emotions ran high. There was a bit of drama in terms of Tallegdega, and Muffdiver. Commando got caught in the middle a bit, she was crying, and really women’s tears are like kryptonite to me, but there was nothing I could do to fix the problem. After talking to Torino though he’s right, we should all just stay out of Tallegdega’s and Muffdiver’s stupidity.  Geek Princess asked my advice, she was worried about something that may or may not come to pass. I told her I am worried once I win the Lottery, will everyone treat me differently. You can not worry about something that may never happen, that is a futile gesture indeed. Geek Princess said I was a deep cat, I told her it’s all smoke and mirrors, a frail illusion.

 I did pretty good with OCD not falling into the flirting trap, oh she tried to flirt with me, but I walked away. OCD had more than her chance, I think I’m done with this game. Anyway there’s a new girl kinda hanging around us, and I’m intrigued by her.  

I went to Durbins had a beer then Jackass snuck in bought me a shot of Jack Daniels to be a smart ass, and left….not funny. I went home thinking of all the fun times we had this Bears season with my friends, and even though the Bears lost we had a good run, and some real good fun. Memories I will always cherish, well those that I could remember anyway.


7 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. For the record I was not trying to flirt with you. I told you that I agree with your decision. I guess I can not say hi or talk to you then if you think I am flirting with you.

  2. You never know until you lick the vagina.

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