Surprising Interests.

I have actually a wide spectrum of interests, and since I don’t get to share them on a daily basis I thought I would share them now.

Gaming – You may or may not know this, but I do love video games. Some of you might be…”Yea no shit”, but some of you may not know. It’s the reason I went into computers. I one day hoped I would make my own video game….yea and maybe one day monkeys might fly out my but. Other than video games, I do love all types of other games, card games like Rummy, or Poker. I love board games, like Monopoly, and Life. I really like competition, and thrive on that.

Writing- Well this one is kinda of like a no brainer since you probably read my stuff, but I do have several short stories, as well as my personal love, poetry. Yeah I actually like to read, and write poetry. I think it gives a short glimpse into emotion and the human condition that other works just can’t convey.

Movies – I love movies, I think I’ll watch anything though chick flicks are something I don’t prefer, I can tolerate them.

Music – I love music, all kinds. I can listen to Heavy Metal, Rap, Frank Sinatra. Hell I listen to some weird shit like Taiko Drumming on occasion. (Taiko Drumming is the Japanese big drums you may have seen, or not)

Sports – Football mostly. Baseball I can take it or leave it. I enjoy Hockey, and Basketball. I’m no fanatic, or do I follow the stats like some guys, but I just like watching and enjoying the competition.

Some surprising ones you may not know about –

Culture – I am not a real world traveller, and I doubt I’ll leave the US in my lifetime, but I do love learning about other cultures, I took several language courses in my lifetime not so much to learn the language, but to learn the culture.

History- I really do like learning about the olden days, and how things use to be. I especially love medieval, and ancient history. Yea I like going to the Ren Faire too.

Philosophy/Religion I devour all knowledge on these subjects like a velociraptor on a Jurassic Park tourist.

Animals – I really am an animal lover, my favorite being dogs. One day I hope to get one of my own, though I can’t take care of myself, let alone another entity.

Photography – I actually like taking pictures, I won a contest in High School, 2nd place in a VICA State Competition for my black and white photo of a World War Vet Memorial.

Exploring – I like going on little adventures, and seeing things I haven’t seen before. I’ve been known to just wander downtown, and take in the sites even by myself.

Debating – I actually like discussing, and debating topics, sometimes I’ll take a position totally opposite someone just for the sake of a good debate.  I like pushing buttons.

These are some of the major ones, I have a few minor ones to, like whiskey making, and always finding out new things I like everyday.


5 Responses to “Surprising Interests.”

  1. I like spelunking with mahogany colored gear. I love the way those words sound.

  2. white chocolate Says:

    you forgot to list COCK

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