Let me drop everything, and work on your problem

Lately I’ve been getting alot of calls from people who want their computer fixed. Now I don’t mind helping people out at all, but my time is limited, and with work being so busy it’s very very limited. It’s the nature of the IT beast, one day your surfing the internet all day, the next your busting your ass working 10 hour days, even having to come in on the weekends. My record is working 27 hours straight to get a lab together for Governors State.

Anywho I do feel bad turning down some people, but I have to be a little judicious as of late, but you know what I think those that should get my help are those that deserve it. For example take the last 4 people that contacted me for computer help this week.

One was a lady whom I have not talk to in years…years, and out of the blue she’s begging me to help her fix her computer, she is a friend of my mothers, and she doesn’t even call my Mom to see how she’s doing on a regular basis. Her kids use to be friends of mine, but they don’t want nothing to do with me anymore, heck their on my facebook, and I don’t even get a “Hi, How are you?”  I know, I know the telephone cord goes both ways, but then again I’m not the one looking for help from them.

Another was this dude who I gave my number to him abotu 6 months ago to look at his sisters computer, he lost my number and a few months ago asked me again for it. Now I didn’t mind then, I wasn’t that busy when he asked me. Then after a couple months he’s calling me now, when I am way busy to help him. Go fly a kite.

Now there is  a busboy, who works very hard, and hooks me up when he can. He is very very appreciative of all I do. He asked me to help, I got him. Also another girl, who invites me to her partys, and who is cool with me, I’m helping her as well.

I guess it’s real hard for me to say no to people, and I feel a little guilty, but am I wrong in only helping people that deserve my help?


6 Responses to “Let me drop everything, and work on your problem”

  1. #1 break her computer again? When will she ever learn?!!?!?!?!

    • Oddly enough no, but ever since our little tiff, I think she’s afraid to ask me for help.

      • Out of all your female friends, who’s tiff do you want to touch the most? I know, I’m a little off subject with the whole computer blah blah blah, post, but I need a mental picture of all your female friends. I’m sure all of them are awesome, but I need fantasy line up

      • LOL! Well tell you the truth, On a pure physical level I know some of the hottest girls in the South burbs of Chicago that would be a hard choice indeed.

      • I’m the hottest by far. 🙂

      • Well you are the ONLY girl I know where you live…so by default you win there. 😛

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