There’s a song from Korn and Disturbed on the Queen of the Damned movie’s soundtrack called “Forsaken”. In the song there is a line in it saying, “How can I be Forsaken, when I’m not the only one”

Bee just posted a post about being kind of lost in the mix so to speak. and she ponders if it’s gaming the root.  I have been without a real relationship for quite some time, and the ones I ever did have didn’t last long at all. This post made me think though, sometimes I lament that I don’t have that special someone in my life.

It’s funny though, I come to realize I am not the only one. There’s alot of people that are not “in” love with that special someone, and heck even married people sometimes have fallen out of love, and are miserable.  I find it ironic as well, that girl’s voicing this problem, I always thought a girl could toss a stone, and find some dude to fall in love with, perhaps not.

Also Bee, I, and many others I know share a common hobby and that’s being a Gamer. It’s funny how the stygmaticism of being a gamer is so prevelent, even a gamer sometimes believes it.  You know what I find it no different then any other hobby, and if you get obsessed with your hobby it can be dangerous. Tell you the truth, I find gaming MORE social than what other people do and watch TV for hours, I’m sorry if I would rather talk to people over Vent (computer software that allows you to talk to people), and play video games, than mindless sit in front of a TV set watching the sludge they call good programming these days like a vegetable. My mind is engaged, I’m working out puzzles, talking to people halfway cross the country while your waiting for Situation to scream “It’s Tshirt time once again.”  Now if you love TV thats your hobby, and I won’t knock it, it’s just not for me. In fact I no longer own a TV.

So yeah there are days I feel utterly alone, and little miserable, but it’s a little comforting to know I’m not the only one. Actually there is quite alot of us lovelorned out there, the use of internet dating sites is on the rise, by the way those sites aren’t for me, been there done that. Doesn’t seem organic to me.

But hey I may or not meet that special one, but I’m not going to let that stop me from keeping my eye open, and making the most out of my life, cause I firmly believe if I live a life that is exciting and fun, someone’s gonna take notice and want to live that life with me, but for now let’s all do a shot, and be alone, and miserable together.


8 Responses to “Forsaken”

  1. I would much rather be single, than in a bad relationship. I know this for a fact. When the prick ex tried to make ammends I wouldn’t have any of it. I decided then and there I would rather be alone forever than ever be with him again. That decision, and the events that followed did change me. I used to be that girl that went from relationship to relationship. Not really dating… just boyfriend, to next long term boyfriend. Now I’ve been single for 2 years. I really do enjoy my independence. I love doing what I want, when I want to.

    My favorite part of being single though? Not having to hold in my wake up farts in the morning. 🙂

    • You should never hold your farts in for a guy. I’ll give you big secret, a guy that loves you will love your farts too. My GF rips the loudest stinkiest farts and we laugh (and choke) and joke about it. I love her farts. I’m glad you love being single. It is nice to know woman can stand against the pressures of society and fart in their face. You go girl!

      • This is embarassing for me to admit, probably more for my ex, but I used to just let them rip in the morning.

        One day he said, “Do you mind holding your buttcheeks open so I don’t have to hear that?”

        Me: “Are you fucking serious? There is no way in hell I am farting on my own hands.”

        Him: “Yeah, well it’s gross.”

        Mind you, he farted whenever and however ever he pleased. Farts were always allowed to ripple through his buttchecks. I can’t help the fact that I have a bubble butt and it takes a bit.

      • Ya he was dick. I say, the louder the better. I had a GF that was afraid to fart in front of me and I hated it. I felt I had to hold in mine and it hurt my gut. Not farting is not natural. You should have Dutch Ovened his ass when he was snoring

      • Funny this conversation took this turn, today at work I educated a bunch of old women what Dutch oven meant, but I learned it is actually a cooking device.

    • The last time my bf was visiting me (he lives in OH I live in CA) I passed out on the couch while he was playing a game on the computer. Apparently while I was sleeping I let one loose and he was sooooooooo excited over it.

      Men in love are very odd creatures.

  2. I remember being in this situation a year ago and all I can say is that the special someone is out there, but you definitely need to put yourself in a situation where you can find them. It sucks, but if you do the right things now you will find that special someone before you know it. I was lucky enough to find her in 6 months of making changes in my life.

    Become atheltic and join a club or gym, not just to get fit but to meet people. Join sports teams and play competetively in co-ed leagues doing the sport you love the most.

    If you choose to use a dating site, do it right. Take the time to find people who seem interesting and are easy to talk to. Go slow, from text chatting to phone calls to skype to meeting up.

    Admit the fact that your hobby will not find you that special someone, so be open to the idea of reducing the hobby to the point where you do enough personal social interaction to meet people who could potentially be a good fit. If you’re playing wow with someone you find easy to talk to in brazil, odds are you won’t meet up any time soon!

    With regards to your tv analogy, I don’t like it. The vast majority of tv watchers stick to a handful of shows or seasonal programs they really like. That might be 1-2 hours a night of mindless drivel for most people. A wow gamer is lucky if they only spend 1-2 hours a night. I bet that if you were to compare the average time spent watching tv vs the average time spent playing wow it would look pretty bad for the wow players.

    Great article, I hope my advice helps some people as well.

  3. I agree with Scary, as the Genie once said, “Bee yourself.”

    As to dating sites, some are better than others. I had a great relationship that didn’t survive the distance, ana am now in an even better relationship with someone close by, whom I would not have met otherwise. AND she is crazy about gaming. Seriously, I created a monster.

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