“You should not fear, what you can not avoid” ~ Author Unknown

I went with the Norse end of the world them, instead of Ragnarok, it’s Snownarok.  I read that quote somewhere, and it stuck with me. It’s futile to fear that which we can not avoid, like death, or this massive snow storm on it’s way.

So we’ll get hit by some huge snow storm,  we’ll shovel out, I’m sure we’ll survive, and get back to life as usual. Next thing you know it, it will be 90 degrees, and we’re all bitching it’s too damn hot.  It’s life, it keeps moving, so why worry about something, and complain, when really it suits no purpose.

I told my friend, when it starts raining fire from the heavens, I might start to worry a little.  I just hope we don’t lose power, and internet or I’ll get cabin fever.


2 Responses to “Snownarok”

  1. Dude, I will never, EVER bitch about 90 degree weather. I live for that!! It’s one fo the few things I miss about the South… /sigh

    I know I’m going to lose internet and TV, it’s pretty much a given. Our condo is all satellite, and if the conditions are as bad as predicted, I’m sure we’ll be out for a good long while. Oh well, guess I just won’t be able to work from home and I’ll just have to log some time into Oblivion 🙂

  2. white chocolate Says:

    well put sir

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