Snakes and Rubies

I dreamt last night, as I fell asleep.

Your arms and hands snaked round me,

cupped my breasts

stroked the round of my belly

stroked my bum.

In my dreamland we melded

arms and legs became spaghetti and elastic

limbs twisted and tangled

wrapped up tight and surrounded in ruby warmth.

Ruby warmth buried under the black

Ruby warmth in our bellies

Ruby fire in our groins

Ruby warmth in our fingers.

Elastic fingers tracing the ruby glow over limbs

tracing the glow down backs

tracing the glow over nipples.

The ruby glow burning bright in the dark.

In the morning the glow kept me warm.

The glow is secret and hidden in the light.

The ruby glow smiles when no one is looking.

The ruby glow brings dreams of the future.

The ruby glow.


One Response to “Snakes and Rubies”

  1. I love poetry, thank you for sharing.

    But I’m worried, I may be tainted by World of Warcraft, I kept thinking about the Ruby Sanctum. LOL!

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