A Father’s Pride

A friend of mine who lost his Father not to long ago, publically lamented if his Father was proud of him. This guy is a pillar in the community, he has a beautiful wife, and tons of adoring friends and family. I guess that’s every son’s concern, is our father proud of the man we became.  If his father is not proud of him, what chance do I have of my father being proud of me.

I lost that once, back in the days when I was up for a Grand Larceny, I had to tell my Dad what was going on, cause I was facing some real hard jail time. I sat him in the kitchen, and I broke the news to him. He said to me, “Son, I have never been more disgusted, and disappointed in you then I am now” He looked at me with these eyes filled with failure, not just for me, but for himself like he failed me as a father.

To this day I think my Father is proud of me, cause I did rise up from my wrong doings, and though I tripped a couple times I kept getting back up, alas that look haunts me. It will most likely keep haunting me until the day I die. I pray no son has to have his father give him that look.

To my friend, is your father proud of you? There isn’t a doubt in my mind, you shouldn’t have them either.


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