Monday Hangover

Yeah Yeah Yeah It’s Tuesday, but I’ve been knee deep in work. I kind of see a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s probably a train coming.

I worked most of this weekend, so really not much to really write.

The biggest event, Tallegdaga tossed a Super Bowl Party, and he does it right. Man so much food, and fun times. I brought him a bottle of Black Haus, he loves that stuff…ok not really.  He fried some tenders up, and got some Hooter sauce, and started mixing them in a bowl like we use to do when I worked at Hooters. I almost cried. I never played NHL11 before, but I was sure my years of video gaming would give me some sort of edge, so I challenged Tallegdaga. He won since it was his game, but it was a good game, and I had fun with it. There was Beer Pong.  I don’t really play but it looks like fun, more so then flippy cup which I loathe.  Me and Jackass even put on this fake jersey Tallagdega has hanging up, and pretended to be playing basketball.  Commando got hammered and she said something really sweet about me and Jackass, but it really touched me….but it also made me sad, I’ll get to this later as to why.

Over all it was a great time with my friends.

Yesterday I went out to see the Rite with a girl I promised I would go with, Lisa Loeb as the German calls her, then went for some pizza at Durbins. She went home early, It was a nice time, but I wasn’t ready to go home, I went to Teehans after, and some regulars were there it was funny. I could probably create a TV show around these characters.

Oh for this week, yeah I’m still getting bent over and screwed at work…and not even the common courtesy to give me a reach around.


4 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. How can you loathe flip cup?

    • I have a fundamental issue with drinking games in general. When I drink, I don’t need a game to facilitate it. Beer Pong is the only drinking game that has ever sparked any interest out of me, but it’s fleeting indeed. When I drink, I drink, when I game…I game.

  2. um….you seemed to have left out your Michael Jackson Experience on Wii!!!! That was freaking amazing! You are about as coordinated as me!! lol and they don’t call me “Grace” for nothing!! hahaha. Had so much fun on with you and the crew on Sunday! Wish you weren’t “Ass Deep” in work on saturday…..wasn’t the same w/o you! Sorry about my drunken speeches to you on Sunday….I just really do love you guys so much….and sometimes, even someone who is so amazing with words (me) stumbles when trying to express how I feel!

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