Monday Hangover

Well I had Friday off this week, so I went out Thursday night with Jackass. We started at Baileys with Towelie, RJ, and a few more friends. RJ was in rare form, we go back and forth about motorboating each other it’s funny. Then they went home, but me and Jackass weren’t quite finish, we  hit Durbins, then Dendrinos, then we went to Kickoffs, but they were closed.  Let me say something about Dendrinos, I always see people there from my past, I really don’t want to see. I saw a person from my old drug fueled, gambling, thieving days I really thought I left in the past, but I was civil and treated him ok. He said we should hang out again, I was thinking “Yea don’t hold your breath for that”

Friday – I had a wake to go to, but after I stopped into JWH and there was Jackass with his pants around his knees. Jackass and Torino started about 1pm that day, now it was 10pm. Well Torino, skated out of there left me holding the bag. Jackass was pretty hammered. I don’t mind Jackass got my back, I got his each and everytime, so I made sure to keep an eye on him. So the band was getting upset with Jackass, he was bumping into the equipment, and messing with their girlfriends. The head bouncer was in a pickle, he didn’t want to kick Jackass out, but he had to do something. So he asked me to do something with him. No problem, to the next bar. We went to Teehans, where Jackass tore his underwear off, and threw them at the bartender. Ok time to go….we stopped at Durbins. Where Jackass got some food, and went home.

Saturday I stayed in, and Sunday I saw True Grit with Commando, Torino, and Jackass. It was a good movie. I didn’t know Matt Damon was in it. He did a pretty good job.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. I was actually out in your neck of the woods on Sunday. Met the husband’s brother and his gf at Hamada in Tinley Park for dinner. We actually almost went to Durbins, but kind of wussed out b/c of the whole getting up early for work thing.

    • LOL I was there at Durbins for dinner, and a few beers on Sunday left about 9ish then thats when I went to see True Grit. Hamada is good stuff though.

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