Monday Hangover

There really wasn’t going to be a Hangover today, Friday I was a little under the weather, and Saturday I kind of wanted to withdraw just be sober, and antisocial. Alot of things weigh heavy on my mind as of late, most of it doing with my Stepdad and Mom, the job, etc, etc.. I really don’t want to get into it, because there is simply nothing I can do about this stuff. Also I got a couple of drunken debauchery weekends coming up, I thought to give the liver a rest.

I was being good, until Sunday rolled around, Jackass, and Tallegdega were calling me, and texting me relentlessly. It’s funny how Jackass sniffs things out, he kept asking if something was wrong. I was like ok, fine I’ll stop up there for one, say hello to my friends, and then go see a movie I wanted to see. One turned into two, two turned into three. Then other friends showed up, Like Geek Princess, #1, Nascar. and the Tinman. So I stayed to catch up with them. Then Jackass got me with a shot of Bacardi 151. Oh God..that didn’t sit well with me at all. Oh Jackass was in rare form too, he did the worm at one point, we tried to give our other friend a swirly in the washroom, oh and there was some dancing involved. After that I stopped by Durbins, and had one with the bartender there, and grabbed a bite to eat.

I didn’t go to work today, not because I’ m hungover, or anything…just for the simple fact I just didn’t feel like going, but it’s great that I have the friends I do. When I needed some laughs, they always deliver…always.


One Response to “Monday Hangover”

  1. soooo….I take it you never made it to the movie…haha. Once I heard you were at JWH I kinda had a feeling you’d miss the show.

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