Facebook and Me

I hate Facebook, actually I hate alot of social networking, like Twitter. I still use them. Why? I’m a techie. It’s the future. I was on Facebook, pretty much as soon as it went public, cause I heard it was the next big thing. Then everyone else started to join, and it became pretty popular.

It’s not that I hate Facebook per se, it’s a great idea….it’s what the masses have turned it into. Some sort of replacement of normal socialization.

So in my hatred I said to myself, I’m going to post the most insane, vulgar shit I can think of. No filter, I want to offend, and it had the opposite effect then what I was aiming for…people actually like the shit I’m posting on there. I’m actually getting people saying that they laugh, and LOOK forward to my posts. I have lost a few people over it, I’m sure…but for every one I lose, two more pop up.

Sad thing is being so nutty, and free with it…and having people respond the way they do, it feeds the attention whore that I am, and I remember the line in Gladiator where Proximo goes, “You may love the crowd for it. ” 

 So now I think I’m kinda hooked….though I still hate the shit.


One Response to “Facebook and Me”

  1. Strap this on your sore ass, Blaine.

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