Nobody’s Fool

I don’t really care about money, the only resource that I am supremely selfish with is my time. Time to me is one resource I do not have enough of. So when friends ask me to fix their computer, I don’t mind sharing my time with them to help them. I actually enjoy the fact I have a skill where I can lend them a hand in that fashion.

That’s why I don’t fix computers as a business, cause I would rather spend my time doing something I actually want to do, plus I’m not a business man. Sure Geek Squad can charge you 200 dollars for one hour of their time. I can’t do that…I won’t do that. Oh sure when I’m low on the funds, I’ll whore myself out and fix everyone’s and everybody’s computer for 50-75 bucks a pop.

What I’m trying to say is I help friends, but when a “friend” calls me up out of the blue for no other purpose but to fix their computer. It pisses me off a little. So you haven’t talked to me in a month, and now you need me you feel the urge to pick up the phone to call me.  It isn’t a life or death situation, if someone called me and really needed my help, I would help them. Cause you were an idiot with your porn, and got a virus doesn’t make it an emergency on my part. I will help you, but when I can…if I can.

Why am I spouting about this again, last night another friend who sends me a text…not even a phone call…and the text doesn’t even have a “hello”, or “how am I doing?”, perhaps ask if  “I’m busy or not”. A friend, that seems to want nothing to do with me as of late, but now they need something.  She’s a cute woman, and probably use to guys crawling over themselves to help her. Not me, I don’t give a shit if she’s Miss America, ain’t getting no poonany, what’s the point of helping her….unless she is a real friend, and actually cares what I think, and cares about my time.

If you’re a friend, I’ll move heaven and earth for you……the rest of you can go fuck yourself.


One Response to “Nobody’s Fool”

  1. white chocolate Says:

    fix my computer beoootch!!

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