The Quiet Man

I have alot of good friends that tell me if I need to talk to someone that I can come to them, and I do not doubt them. I just don’t because of my issues. I refuse to be a burden to anyone. I am the type of person who will muttle through his own problems as best as he can. That’s why I have this blog…to vent.

I think things are coming to a head, and I am about to snap. Living with my mother is challenging, I am there to help, but she won’t heed my advice. Healthcare costs alot of money, and 6 months ago, I told my Mom she needs to tighten her belt, sell some assets, and quit going to the gambling boats. Did she listen….nope.

Something is up, and being a gambleholic I see the signs, my Mom is now in a mad dash to sell things, and downsize, but she refuses to tighten her belt. She refuses to stop going to the boat. Not only is this frustrating me, it saddens me. She is on a path, I’ve been down, I know where it leads. It leads to Hell.

How do I know it’s Hell, when I was in my throes of my addiction, I’d go from having steak one day, to eating peanut butter out of the can the next. That’s right welfare peanut butter out of a can, you don’t know broke until you do that.

How can you complain about not having any money, yet go gambling Wendesday, and Thursday for 8-9 hours at a time. I know my Mom is depressed, shit if I had one leg, and stuck in a wheel chair most of the time, with my husband a near vegetable I’d be depressed like a mother fucker.  Being depressed though you have to crawl out of your own misery, and do something positive…my Mom refuses to do that.

I’ve talked to my brother, and thanks to him he keeps me somewhat sane in this matter, otherwise I think I would just pack up and leave for parts unknown. My Mom won’t listen to either of us, and if you tell her the truth, you’re the bad guy. Which I am already because, when my Mom was talking about selling the car I told her, “Just go to the boat”. She called my brother all upset.

My mom is talking about getting a full time nurse in, if she does I am out of there. I can’t stand to see this madness anymore.


One Response to “The Quiet Man”

  1. Is there someone else that she may listen to? Parents can be stubborn and no matter how successful you are, you’re always the child in their eyes.

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