Monday Hangover

Friday I stayed in which was nice.

Saturday I went downtown with a bunch of friends who work at Durbins, Tallegdega went with me too. We took a limo down there which picked us up at Durbins, and took us to a bar called Debonair. I think what set the evening off is when we got a bottle of Sky vodka cherry and we’re all taking swigs from it like winos.  They had fake mustache stickers you put on your finger, and one girl applied one to my finger with her tongue…yep instant spank bank material.

The music was good, the girls were hot, and my buddy Tallegdega and me we’re just cracking on all the douchebags. Alof of the girls got really hammered. They all can’t be professionals like us. So we headed back to Durbins. The wise decision was made by me, and Tallegdega to go to Kickoffs. So we go to our cars which was parked in back of Jackass’s crib. Jackass’s truck was running….I say to Tallegdega…we gotta steal it. So Tallegdega hops in Jackass jumps out of his apartment, “I knew you mother fuckers were going to try something”  There was Geek Princess, but she was fucking snookered. Jackass took her home, then came back and we went to Kickoffs.

Kickoffs is a wierd bar, some strange people, but awesome people watching there. We ended the night a Olympic Star for some breakfast.

Sunday took it easy, went to my Grandmas for lunch, then saw the movie Hall Pass, it was a good movie, some classic parts, not a great movie, but not a pile of shit either.  Then I headed out solo for a few beers which turned into me coming home at midnight, but it’s all good I met alot of people I knew at the bars. I got some bad news though, a regular of Holstiens I found out has throat cancer, and even though he’s not a good friend, I don’t wish that on anyone. I wish him the best, I really do.  Walking back to my car, puffing on my Backwoods cigar watching the smoke rise into the air, no matter who we are, what we do, we are all trapped in this human condition, and that it’s not how much you have that should define us, but how much you give.


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