I’m your huckleberry

Tombstone is one of my favorite movies of all time, if not thee favorite. One reason…Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday.  I feel a kinship to this character Doc Holiday.

Here you have a man who doesn’t really care about himself, yet is educated, intelligent, and fiercely loyal to his friend Wyatt. He drinks, gambles, womanizes, and is good at what he does. 

Couple parts of the movie that really hooked me…

When Johnny Ringo confronts Doc Holiday in the bar, Doc Holiday goes, “En Vino Veritas”, which by the way is latin for “In Wine, Truth”  Then Ringo answers back something in Latin.  Doc says, “Why, honey Ringo is apparantly an educated man, now I really hate him”

Doc hates Ringo because he could of easily ended up as Ringo. He sees himself in Ringo, and that’s why he hates him so much. Sometimes we hate others because we see a bit of ourselves in them. I can understand that, and relate to it on so many levels.

Another scene that touches me is when Doc is talking to the rest of the posse. One guy says, “Why you doing this, Doc?”  Doc replys, “Because Wyatt is my friend”  The other cowboy goes, “Hell I got a lot of friends”  Meaning he wouldn’t do this for his friends. Doc wistfully says, “I don’t”

I don’t have many true friends in this world, sure I know alot of people. The friends I have though I would walk through the gates of hell for them, and some I have.

The last thing that gets me, and I almost choke up about this is when Doc is dyeing, and Wyatt is visiting him. Doc goes to Wyatt, “If you had a shred of feeling for me, just walk away”, he continues, “There is no normal life, just life, go out and live it.”

That right there nails me on the head. You have to live your life, enjoy it, treasure it. I don’t want to burden my family and friends, and can totally agree with Doc.

There’s a scene in the movie when Doc is dyeing, he looks at his feet and laughs, and goes, “I’ll be damned”  I really never knew why he did that, I think he thought he would die with his boots on, and when he didn’t it made him chuckle.

It makes me think how I will pass from this world, Will I die with my boots on? I don’t know but for now there is life, and I must live it.


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