Happy Birthday Father

Today is my Dad’s Birthday… I love the big guy. He has been in my corner all my life, and I don’t think there is a man that I respect, love, adore, worship more then this man.

When I was young, I use to have a habit of getting lost alot, but all I had to do was wait and listen, I could always find my father by his laugh, and my dad loved to laugh.

There are a couple stories I want to share with you at how prolific this guy is to me.

Everytime I see this one guy, lets call him Bob. He buys me a beer, and asks how my Dad is. He played football with me, and my Dad use to watch me play, he went to every single one of my games. One day my Dad decided to stop by practice, and Bob and him got to talking. Bob was having girl troubles, and my Dad told him to do his trick. Buy a dozen roses, 11 red, and one pink, making sure the pink one is in the middle of the group, and on the note put, “This is how you stand out in the crowd”  I guess, it worked out for Bob cause I get a free beer out of it.

When my Dad went through the divorce, he wasn’t the same. Really depressed, would just sit on the recliner watching the TV. I went through it with him (probably why I got a little mom issues going on). Well my Dad started dating again, and one morning I came walking down our stairs, my Dad screams, “Don’t Come Down” …I was like…Ooook, and turned around. Later on it turns out he was getting a BJ in the kitchen. Wouldn’t that be a sight indeed. A few weeks later I was sitting at the kitchen table eating, and the phone rang, we screened alot back in those days. So I sat there listening to the person leave a message. It was a woman screaming on the phone what a piece of shit I was, and so on and so forth, then she said I had a small dick, I screamed, “Dad it’s for you”  Right there I knew where I got my awesome women skills.

I can go on for days with stories of my Father, he is a real character, I guess apples don’t fall far from the trees.


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