Monday Hangover

Friday I went out for the Germans Birthday, being that it was all you can drink, and my favorite band was playing, Rendition, I have to say I got a little drunk. I did the usual tour of duty, to Teehans, and Durbins. Tallegdega’s cousin got in a bit of an argument with a girl. The bartender asked the bouncers to remove the girl, I told the bouncer to remove the girl. Some more shit popped off, and I got into it with the head bouncer. I told him that the second incident could of been avoided if his bouncers did their job in the first place. We worked it out, but dude I worked as a bouncer for most of my life 15 years, I think I know what the hell I’m doing.  Later Tallegdega, Towelie, Tallegdega’s sister, and and a waittress went to Kickoff’s. It was Towelie’s first time, and I’m proud to say I devirginized him.

Saturday I stayed in, and just watched Jackass 3. Great movie, just stupid sick disgusting humor that I really dig.

Sunday was the Tinley Park Irish Parade. I think the picture says it all, but I’ll add to it. My friends and I started about 10:30, and we did a little Absinthe. That’s about 165 proof. Very tasty…if you like lighting a match on fire and shoving it down your throat. After a few of those, my face was numb. I knew I was ready. JW Holsteins reserved the balcony for us which was really cool for the owner to do for us. I sent him a nice thank you text.  So we stood on the balcony drinking our beers, watching the parade. After words we stayed at JWH drinking, and having fun. For me though it was time to visit some other bars so I stopped at Teehans had a few, then Durbins. 

Durbins is where it got real nutty. It was pretty much Me, Jackass, and Tallegdega who was left of our crew. I think I groped every girl who I came in contact with. I saw some people I haven’t seen in some time which was nice. I ended up taking this drunk chick home in her car. She was actually really cool, and funny. We made out a bit, she wanted to come back to my place, but I knew I couldn’t take her to the madhouse where I live. I got her number, and told her I would call her the next day. I walked back to my car.  It was cold, but I was so happy I could of been walking in the North Pole I wouldn’t care cause I met a new chick who seemed to like me, and I really liked her.  

Monday, I decided to ask this girl out for a few beers and pizza in the afternoon. She told me she didn’t mean to lead me on, and that she was engaged, but still wanted to go out for pizza and beer. I was hurt, probably more than I should of been. I told her to fuck off basically.  I needed to be alone for a bit, but I couldn’t I had to fix my Dad’s computer, and have lunch with him and my brother. Afterwards I went into a movie, Cedar Rapids, it was an ok movie. John C. Reilly made the movie though. It’ll be a good rental.  My mother called me, and I called her back, and she made me mad. She was fishing to what time I would be home, why? so I could get her god forsaken coffee. I told her to get bent in not so many words.  My brother wrote a letter to my Mom once that she was a selfish bitch, sometimes I think he hit the nail on the head.  I’ve come to realize I no longer can live with my mother, she is driving me insane. That my friends is a short drive indeed.


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