I got your back

Last night Tallegdega’s sisters got into a little war of words with some douchebags, the glasses came off, and I just made sure the gentleman didn’t lay hands on them. I don’t know if I could of beat the shit out of all four dudes, but if came down to it I was sure going to try. I told the ladies I got their back, and to be honest they were a little too amped up, even though one of the douchebags did call one of them a bitch.  As one of my friends, there will be times when problems come your way, and in those times I got your back, but what does that really mean?

A couple stories illustrate this the most. My family is my life, at my cousins command I would rip out my own heart if he needed it. Many years back my cousin aka White Chocolate got into it with a kid I know at a bar. It almost came to blows, until I stepped in. I told the guy I know, “If you lay one finger on my cousin, I will break your arm, you better just walk away from this”  He did, and all was ok.  This girl who was my love interest at the time yelled at me, “Your cousin was in the wrong, he was acting like a total asshole.” I looked at her in the eyes, and said this, “Right or wrong, I got my cousins back each, and everytime. If he is wrong after the fact I will tell him he his wrong, and I might give him a crack upside the head, but nothing, and I mean nothing will lay a hand on my cousin and not feel my wrath”  She did not seem to grasp this type of loyalty.

A more modern story was at Charlestons where some people threatened my friends. I didn’t give a crap if there were one, or twenty one people.  I went outside to show them the error of their ways, because I got my friends backs.  These fools dared to threaten my friends, and I wasn’t right there when my friends needed me, I was there after the fact, and personally these jagoffs will learn.

 I don’t give a shit about money, jail, injury, or even death, for me there is only loyalty, honor, and respect.  If my brother, cousin, or even one of my friends pulled up and said, “Hey I’m driving to Hell, I got beef with the Devil”  I’d say, “Mother Fucker, Let’s roll I got your back….stop for an Iced Tea on the way though”

If you read this, and I said this to you. You might not quite understand the meaning of it in terms of the depth of which I will go, or stand by your side.


One Response to “I got your back”

  1. white chocolate Says:

    I find the word bitch quite offensive

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