Monday Hangover

Well the fun started Thursday, after work I had a few beers with some coworkers, then I went and visited the Cougar. I actually had a good time, probably cause there were some people I knew besides the people I went with, and I knew the guy playing that night. Then I ended the night at JW Hollstiens. There was a little drama involved in terms of Tallegdega, and Muffdiver getting into it, and My friends sisters getting into an argument, Nothing I couldn’t handle.

Friday night I met the Cougar at 191, Normally I don’t like that bar because it’s always too crowded, and I like to get my drinks in a timely fashion. This night it was busy, but not overly packed.  I hate going to new places, or bars where I am unfamilar with, cause my inner bouncer shows up and I analyze the place for assholes, or possible problematic people. Once I had a few in me though I started to loosen up.  I do enjoy hanging out with Cougar. She’s a cool chick, and I love giving her shit, sometimes though I go too far with it. Me being the stubborn jackass that I am really feels bad about it.  Then it was off to spend some time with my cousin White Chocolate, and our friend. I love hanging out with my cousin, it brings back so many good memories shared with him.

Saturday was Geek Princess’s birthday, also St. Joseph’s day, and it was a great time. Alot of friends popped up to wish her a happy birthday. It was a country band and I loathe country, but it wasn’t that bad. They played alot of Skynnard which I do like.  I’m a little worried about one of my friends, I think he’s fallen hard for this chick, and this might not bode well for the future. We’ll see how it all plays out though. The end of the night Tallegdega’s sister asked me if I wanted to go to the boat. Me being the idiot I am who loves to have adventure says sure. So we start our adventure, then she ends up falling asleep in my car, at first I was worried, but then I turn the car off to go get some cold, she popped up, screaming it was cold.  Yeah if anything happened to her, I think that would of signed my death warrant. I got her home safe and sound.  Oh yea I did wear red…so Bah Fungol

Sunday just had a few drinks with the friends, nice low key day. Even though I am a perfect gentleman, and no harm, or indecency wouldn’t befall Tallegdegas sister….doesn’t mean we can’t give him shit…and I did.


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