My Grandmother

My Grandma Jo is probably the most remarkable woman I have ever known. She worked for Sears for 30 years, and she always had Tuesday off, and on her day off she would take the time in my young life to pick me up. Every Tuesday like clockwork. She would do stuff with me like take me fishing, to the park, or to a movie. In fact if it wasn’t for my Grandma, I might not of been into computers. She took me to go see Tron, and Tron sparked my love for all things computer.

She would put me to work any chance she could, whether it would be making a bed, ironing, or helping her make her famous homemade ravioli. She tried to instill in me a work ethic, that would one day get me somewhere. She wouldn’t just put me to work, she would show me the right way to do it. She’s a tough woman, she raised 2 boys on her own, in a time when being divorced wasn’t the norm. Raising my father was no easy task either, let me tell you.

 At 90 years old she still goes bowling, and has higher scores than me, she still commands respect with every man in my family, so much we dare not tell her our screw ups, and she is still with it so much, she never falls for my bullshit.

She’s in the hospital right now, I won’t say it’s bad or good cause I really don’t know at this point. But I love her with all my heart, and hope she pulls through


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