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Fuck the Royal Wedding

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Gas prices near 5 bucks, food prices through the roof…and these English asshats spent 80 million on this shit. Fucking sick….America news covering it like someone shot the president. We’re American, we hate kings, we had a war to get rid of these pompous douchebags.

This is money better spent on helping the masses, give each english citizen a share of that 80 million, and go to the justice of the peace, and get hitched.

Sometimes I think that as a race, we’re all fucked in the head.

On the Road Again

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Whelp time to move again. Which is ok, I’m use to it by now. As I look for apartments it’s not as easy as one would think. I’m calling around, looking. I got to make sure I don’t move into a slumlords place. I was thinking of trying to buy something, but then I probably will look for a new job soon and move, so I don’t want nothing permnanent at this time.

Good thing I really don’t have a pot to piss in, or moving might be rough. I’ve whittled my earthly possessions down, so really all I have left is my pillow, and my computer.

If I get my own place, I might have to get some furniture….and a TV too. Crap I’ll become addicted to shitty shows like Jersey Shore.

Monday Hangover

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So after a week of debauchery I put the cherry on the top, and wind it down.

Friday – I went out for a few to Chicago Blue with Jackass, Torino, Commando, Geek Princess, and Talladega, it was a nice quiet time, we had some food had some laughs, I went home early bout 7pm, and called it a night.  Though Jackass tried to get me out, I just wanted to stay in.

Saturday – We had a big party for #1, OCD, and RJ. We started at Talladega’s and I polished of a half bottle of Whiskey myself, as well as many apple pie shots. Then we headed to JWH for the party. The band the Walk-ins were great. I got really drunk, a couple of things of note. I made out with Geek Princess for a photo op, I was cracking myself up. Then I tried to get OCD to break her New Years Resolution to not make out in a bar, she did resist me….I have 6 months left, and it’s going to be a long summer I think. Talladega got a little angry at Commando, over Frumpy but I think it’s more of a misunderstanding, and it will blow over soon. Went to Teehans, and Durbins it was blah there. Then I stopped at Jackass’s place for the after party.  I think Angry River was taking hold, and I had to leave the tomfoolery.

Sunday – I went to my Father’s for Easter, and then I went to my Grandpa’s spent some time with him.  Being the first Holiday without my Grandma it was a bit hard. I went to JWH, and Jackass was in rare form. Doing the worm, having his pants around his ankles, and at one point ripping his underwear off. We had a good laugh, I told him why don’t he take a shit in the mailbox, so he tried to get up to the mailbox but couldn’t. He had his pants half off, and I had two drinks in my hand. So I turned around so he could hop on my back. Then I heard a JWH bartender drive past and she was catcalling us. Then I realized how gay that it looked. We laughed so hard, and I needed that laugh.

I just want to say this, I have a couple of friends hurting right now over love issues, and I have to fucking laugh. They are in torment, because they love someone and they don’t love them, or they are torn between two loves, etc…etc.. They think they are in hell. They have no concept of what hell is. Me? Oh I know what Hell is, it’s my summer home.

Well I had a little over a week to avoid my problems, now it’s back to business. Get things back in order. Change is here, and I must heed it.

The Hangover Continues

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So Monday night after the funeral I went out drinking, it was a nice chill night watching the Bulls kick ass at JWH. There was a couple girls up there, one of which I knew. The others are new girls I never met before. Interesting as one was a supervisor for strippers at Polekats in Indiana. She had interesting stories. After that I hit Durbins, and closed that bar out with just the bartender, the waitress, a barback and me.  I like to fly solo sometimes.

Tuesday I went out Talladega came out too, we went to JWH for a couple then went up to Teehans to watch a friend of mine play for open mic night, this girl I call her Sensei was my guitar teacher. Talladega went home, after which I closed down Teehans, and hit Olympic Star with this girl. I knew her from before, but we never really sat down and talked. It was a great conversation, heck I didn’t get home until 5am.

Then Yesterday, Me and Talladega hit Hooters, which the waitress was pretty smoking hot. after that we hit JWH, but it was dead. Talladega called it an early night. I hit Durbins with this cut bartender I went home about midnight.

Other than drinking, I’ve been spending time with my Grandpa which is nice, and hard at the same time. Their place seems so empty without her.

Back to work today, and I’m a little rough around the edges,  productivity is low. Tonight I have an all you can drink benefit..sigh. I so wanted a day off.

I guess there is no rest for the wicked.

Tuesday Hangover

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Well It’s been the roughest, and strangest weekend I have pretty much ever had.

Let’s start with Friday – I went out for the Blackhawks game which was 26 dollars all you can drink. I got really messed up, and I don’t remember shite. All I remember is ALOT of my friends we’re drunk.

Saturday – Was shopping, and I texted Muffdiver, cause I know she’s sort of a light weight, and I check on the lightweights…and laugh. She said she was Frumpy, her spellcheck autofixed it, suppose to be drunk.  So I’m going to call her Frumpy from now on. Frumpy sounds cute, but it means unattractive….and this girl is anything but Frumpy. Hell she’s so pretty, I keep wondering why she even talks to a troglodyte like myself, but she does.  Then she meant to text me Noo, it came out Moo. So now when I see her I’m going “Moo Frumpy”

Went out, and wasn’t really feeling it. Hell I wasn’t going to go out, but I did, cause I got in a huge fight with my Mom, and needed to get out. Then my cousin came out, and Towelie and RJ goof times, at the end of the night me and Tallegdega hit Kickoffs with a couple girls we know, then we came back and the owner of a bar we hang out in, was still there.

This owner I’m calling Darby, after Darby O’Gill and the Little People, and Disney Movie. In the movie, Darby is an irishman, just like this guy, has a big heart, fun, but has a little shadiness to him, just like this guy. So Darby did something I have never seen in all my years of working at a bar. He made these shots using like 30 types of different types of booze, and it tasted like ass. So after a few of these, things got nutty. Playing bags in the bar. Dancing, drinking. So after partying 11am rolls around, Ice shows up, and starts drinking, then soon after the bartender who opens on Sunday had to go home, and take a power nap. Darby passed out.  Tallegdega, and  the other bartender left.

So it was just me, and Ice. Jackass, Torino, and Commando showed up. So we had a private party until the bartender showed up. Darby finally woke up at 5pm. We kept going, I finally left 10pm.  There’s alot of things I’m leaving out of this…cause of decency.

Monday – I had my Grandmothers funeral, and the roughest part was seeing my Dad all tore up, and my cousins eulogy. She will be missed.

So ends an era.

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I got a phone call this morning at 5:30, My Grandma passed away during the night. She had an anureism, which is kind of good for her, she doesn’t have to go through the horrors of cancer.

I don’t know what else to say, I will miss her so much. She has been more of a mother to me, then a grandmother. I can’t write anymore. I am too sad.

What The Hell?

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Gas prices are high, food prices are high, unemployment are high….what the hell happened to change that we were promised.

Sometimes I wonder if there will be a time where like the Roman Empire, America will be in decline. China is already catching up to us, if not caught up to us. Empires rise and fall is it Americas time?

I don’t know. I love this country, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but there is something as they say stinks in Denmark. The greed, and avarice of our politicians has become to overwhelming, something needs to be done.

Well I am a man who doesn’t just comes with problems, I come with solutions.

1. We need to get rid of the House of Representatives – We have the technology to have everyone go to a computer/kiosk/internet device and vote on what they want to vote on. We still have the Senate/President for checks and balance, but we put some of the law back in the hands of the common man, or woman.

2. Public Background Checks on Politicians – If they’re crooks, they might have some dirt on them. Let’s publicly see whats going on.

3. Limited Terms for All Politicians – Mayors, State Politicians, etc. etc., all of them, after 2 terms ya gotta go…ya gotta go.

4. No Voted On Pay Raises by the People Getting the Raises – Ah I want more money, so I’m going to vote Yes. Let this be voted on by either the public, or an independent committee.

5 Songs that mean something to me.

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I don’t really follow bands, or have an ultimate top 5. I listen to all kinds of music from rap, to rock. These are just 5 songs that I really like and that I enjoy, but they also have a personal meaning to me. They take me back to a time in my life, that I really miss.

5. Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind – I like all the Crooners, but This song was in a movie Pope of Greenwich Village. If you’re Italian and you haven’t seen this movie shame on you. It not only ties into my Italian roots, but it reminds me of my child hood. It reminds me how things are fleeting. This song also reminds me of my brother, and all the years we shared living together.

4. Twisted Sister- We’re not going to take it  – Nothing screams about my Jr. High, and High School years like this song.  It was the Anthem of those years.

3. Whitesnake – Here I go Again –  Being the lone wolf that I am it’s almost a biography of my life.  I haven’t had that many relationships in my life, and not many that lasted any length of time. Despite being social, I view myself as a one man wolfpack.

2.  Whiskey and Women – John Lee Hooker – Another Biography of my life, it’s a blues song that’s really another story of my life. Too much Whiskey, and too many women.  I think I have squandered som of my life away on these things, though I have some great memories, sometimes I think I could have done better in my life.

1. Alone I Break  – Korn – Odd to say this but even in a room filled with my closest friends, there are times I still feel utterly alone. I am amongst them, but not apart of them. It’s hard to explain. I am not better than them by a long shot.  I have always had this feeling with any of my friends, it’s sometimes like I don’t belong. Like I’m at a party, and a friend of a friend invited me.  It’s my own fault, I don’t let them get to close to me.

Honorable Mentions.

1. Carousel – Mr. Bungle – It has a sample in the song of a Pinball game I use to play ALL the time back in the day…”Grab yourself a Hot Dog”

 2. Ambitions as a Ridah – Tupac – I had aspirations of being a criminal  once upon a time.

3. Tiny Dancer – Elton John – Reminds me of my cousin, it’s one of his favorites.

4. No Rest for the Wicked – Godsmack – There isn’t.

Monday Hangover

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I’ve been in some strange funk lately. I really didn’t feel like partying this weekend, but I thought some time with my friends might lighten the mood.

Friday – Just went out for some beer and pizza after work. I went home early before the craziness started…Thank god.

Saturday – I went out with Jackass’s family. I was teasing him about being his sister’s date.  We went to a Japanese restaurant called, Tokyo Steakhouse. We had some Hibachi, it was really delicious. She accidentally spilled a little ice cream on herself, I told her “Quick get that off your brother will kill me” . She then pulled her nephews loose tooth out, I like dang. She may be a nurse, but I’d be afraid to get her as one.   Then we hit the bars later. Went to JWH, and it was so nice outside we sat in the beer garden.  Jackass’s sister lives/hang’s downtown, so when I told her Apple Pie shots were only 2 dollars, her mouth hit the floor. Welcome to the South Side, baby.  Then we all went to Teehans for a Car bomb. Jackass, and Talladega were dancing with a chick, and Muffdiver respectively so I decided to head out solo, and hit Durbins. Had a few there then headed home.

Sunday- Another drunken debauchery fest, alot of my friends were there. Towelie even made an appearance. Geek Princess, Trannylover, Muffdiver, Commando, Jackass, Torino, Ice, German, and some other notable guests were there. Day drinking, outdoors then we all swung over to JWH and it got a little nutty, dancing, and drinking. Funny thing is Muffdiver asked me a question, and I gave her my usual, “What, are we fucking line?” a little later, I asked her who she was texting she replied, “Until the dick goes in, you can’t ask any questions” I was stunned, Muffdiver is usually so quiet, and docile, and to have her retort in a witty manner makes me almost proud, I think we’re corrupting her….and this pleases me greatly Muhaha.

Anywho the Dance party continued, and thought it was time to take my leave around 11pm. What other insanity ensued I don’t know, but I do know quoting the Geek Princess, “Productivity is probably low today”

My Top Five Movies

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I am a movie buff, I love movies. I love going to the movies, and watching them at home. I have a huge collection of movies, and I am always up if I got the time to go see a movie with someone. I want to share with you my top five movies, that effected my life, not so much were the greatest movies ever, but just impacted my life.

My Top Five Movies That Affected My Life.

5. Fistful of Dollars – Really all three movies from the “Man with No Name” trilogy really had a deep impact on my life. That’s how I live my life, not a whole lot of talk, and just be ready to give a licking, or take one if needed. I even smoke a cigar that looks like Clints now and then.  

4. Tron – This is where my love of computers started. I envisioned a fantasy land of bits, and digits.

3. Star Trek 2 : The Wrath of Khan – “Revenge is dish best served cold” – Klingon proverb. I do like serving my revenge very cold.

2. Brians Song – The original one with James Caan, and Billy Dee. I think it really explains what friendship means to me. The first movie, and one of the very few I cry at. When Billy Dee gives that speech at the award ceremony, about how he loves Brian.

1. Godfather/Godfather 2 – Honor, Respect, Family, Nothing defines me more then those 3 words.