My Top Five Movies

I am a movie buff, I love movies. I love going to the movies, and watching them at home. I have a huge collection of movies, and I am always up if I got the time to go see a movie with someone. I want to share with you my top five movies, that effected my life, not so much were the greatest movies ever, but just impacted my life.

My Top Five Movies That Affected My Life.

5. Fistful of Dollars – Really all three movies from the “Man with No Name” trilogy really had a deep impact on my life. That’s how I live my life, not a whole lot of talk, and just be ready to give a licking, or take one if needed. I even smoke a cigar that looks like Clints now and then.  

4. Tron – This is where my love of computers started. I envisioned a fantasy land of bits, and digits.

3. Star Trek 2 : The Wrath of Khan – “Revenge is dish best served cold” – Klingon proverb. I do like serving my revenge very cold.

2. Brians Song – The original one with James Caan, and Billy Dee. I think it really explains what friendship means to me. The first movie, and one of the very few I cry at. When Billy Dee gives that speech at the award ceremony, about how he loves Brian.

1. Godfather/Godfather 2 – Honor, Respect, Family, Nothing defines me more then those 3 words.


6 Responses to “My Top Five Movies”

  1. You forgot your all time favorite, ‘He’s Just Not Into You.’

  2. Um, which movie defines you as a douchebag?

  3. Commando Says:

    why did you intentially leave out Godfather 3?? I feel as though I’m the only person who enjoys Godfather 3!! The scene where Pacino is standing on the steps after his daughter is shot/killed and begins screaming…yet there is no sound…is amazing!!

    • theerivs Says:

      GODFATHER 3…I admit Andy Garcia was good. But the horrible acting from Sofia Coppola was horrible. HORRIBLE!

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