Monday Hangover

I’ve been in some strange funk lately. I really didn’t feel like partying this weekend, but I thought some time with my friends might lighten the mood.

Friday – Just went out for some beer and pizza after work. I went home early before the craziness started…Thank god.

Saturday – I went out with Jackass’s family. I was teasing him about being his sister’s date.  We went to a Japanese restaurant called, Tokyo Steakhouse. We had some Hibachi, it was really delicious. She accidentally spilled a little ice cream on herself, I told her “Quick get that off your brother will kill me” . She then pulled her nephews loose tooth out, I like dang. She may be a nurse, but I’d be afraid to get her as one.   Then we hit the bars later. Went to JWH, and it was so nice outside we sat in the beer garden.  Jackass’s sister lives/hang’s downtown, so when I told her Apple Pie shots were only 2 dollars, her mouth hit the floor. Welcome to the South Side, baby.  Then we all went to Teehans for a Car bomb. Jackass, and Talladega were dancing with a chick, and Muffdiver respectively so I decided to head out solo, and hit Durbins. Had a few there then headed home.

Sunday- Another drunken debauchery fest, alot of my friends were there. Towelie even made an appearance. Geek Princess, Trannylover, Muffdiver, Commando, Jackass, Torino, Ice, German, and some other notable guests were there. Day drinking, outdoors then we all swung over to JWH and it got a little nutty, dancing, and drinking. Funny thing is Muffdiver asked me a question, and I gave her my usual, “What, are we fucking line?” a little later, I asked her who she was texting she replied, “Until the dick goes in, you can’t ask any questions” I was stunned, Muffdiver is usually so quiet, and docile, and to have her retort in a witty manner makes me almost proud, I think we’re corrupting her….and this pleases me greatly Muhaha.

Anywho the Dance party continued, and thought it was time to take my leave around 11pm. What other insanity ensued I don’t know, but I do know quoting the Geek Princess, “Productivity is probably low today”


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