5 Songs that mean something to me.

I don’t really follow bands, or have an ultimate top 5. I listen to all kinds of music from rap, to rock. These are just 5 songs that I really like and that I enjoy, but they also have a personal meaning to me. They take me back to a time in my life, that I really miss.

5. Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind – I like all the Crooners, but This song was in a movie Pope of Greenwich Village. If you’re Italian and you haven’t seen this movie shame on you. It not only ties into my Italian roots, but it reminds me of my child hood. It reminds me how things are fleeting. This song also reminds me of my brother, and all the years we shared living together.

4. Twisted Sister- We’re not going to take it  – Nothing screams about my Jr. High, and High School years like this song.  It was the Anthem of those years.

3. Whitesnake – Here I go Again –  Being the lone wolf that I am it’s almost a biography of my life.  I haven’t had that many relationships in my life, and not many that lasted any length of time. Despite being social, I view myself as a one man wolfpack.

2.  Whiskey and Women – John Lee Hooker – Another Biography of my life, it’s a blues song that’s really another story of my life. Too much Whiskey, and too many women.  I think I have squandered som of my life away on these things, though I have some great memories, sometimes I think I could have done better in my life.

1. Alone I Break  – Korn – Odd to say this but even in a room filled with my closest friends, there are times I still feel utterly alone. I am amongst them, but not apart of them. It’s hard to explain. I am not better than them by a long shot.  I have always had this feeling with any of my friends, it’s sometimes like I don’t belong. Like I’m at a party, and a friend of a friend invited me.  It’s my own fault, I don’t let them get to close to me.

Honorable Mentions.

1. Carousel – Mr. Bungle – It has a sample in the song of a Pinball game I use to play ALL the time back in the day…”Grab yourself a Hot Dog”

 2. Ambitions as a Ridah – Tupac – I had aspirations of being a criminal  once upon a time.

3. Tiny Dancer – Elton John – Reminds me of my cousin, it’s one of his favorites.

4. No Rest for the Wicked – Godsmack – There isn’t.


One Response to “5 Songs that mean something to me.”

  1. white chocolate Says:

    honorable mention WTF!! lol good list though!

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