What The Hell?

Gas prices are high, food prices are high, unemployment are high….what the hell happened to change that we were promised.

Sometimes I wonder if there will be a time where like the Roman Empire, America will be in decline. China is already catching up to us, if not caught up to us. Empires rise and fall is it Americas time?

I don’t know. I love this country, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but there is something as they say stinks in Denmark. The greed, and avarice of our politicians has become to overwhelming, something needs to be done.

Well I am a man who doesn’t just comes with problems, I come with solutions.

1. We need to get rid of the House of Representatives – We have the technology to have everyone go to a computer/kiosk/internet device and vote on what they want to vote on. We still have the Senate/President for checks and balance, but we put some of the law back in the hands of the common man, or woman.

2. Public Background Checks on Politicians – If they’re crooks, they might have some dirt on them. Let’s publicly see whats going on.

3. Limited Terms for All Politicians – Mayors, State Politicians, etc. etc., all of them, after 2 terms ya gotta go…ya gotta go.

4. No Voted On Pay Raises by the People Getting the Raises – Ah I want more money, so I’m going to vote Yes. Let this be voted on by either the public, or an independent committee.


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