Tuesday Hangover

Well It’s been the roughest, and strangest weekend I have pretty much ever had.

Let’s start with Friday – I went out for the Blackhawks game which was 26 dollars all you can drink. I got really messed up, and I don’t remember shite. All I remember is ALOT of my friends we’re drunk.

Saturday – Was shopping, and I texted Muffdiver, cause I know she’s sort of a light weight, and I check on the lightweights…and laugh. She said she was Frumpy, her spellcheck autofixed it, suppose to be drunk.  So I’m going to call her Frumpy from now on. Frumpy sounds cute, but it means unattractive….and this girl is anything but Frumpy. Hell she’s so pretty, I keep wondering why she even talks to a troglodyte like myself, but she does.  Then she meant to text me Noo, it came out Moo. So now when I see her I’m going “Moo Frumpy”

Went out, and wasn’t really feeling it. Hell I wasn’t going to go out, but I did, cause I got in a huge fight with my Mom, and needed to get out. Then my cousin came out, and Towelie and RJ goof times, at the end of the night me and Tallegdega hit Kickoffs with a couple girls we know, then we came back and the owner of a bar we hang out in, was still there.

This owner I’m calling Darby, after Darby O’Gill and the Little People, and Disney Movie. In the movie, Darby is an irishman, just like this guy, has a big heart, fun, but has a little shadiness to him, just like this guy. So Darby did something I have never seen in all my years of working at a bar. He made these shots using like 30 types of different types of booze, and it tasted like ass. So after a few of these, things got nutty. Playing bags in the bar. Dancing, drinking. So after partying 11am rolls around, Ice shows up, and starts drinking, then soon after the bartender who opens on Sunday had to go home, and take a power nap. Darby passed out.  Tallegdega, and  the other bartender left.

So it was just me, and Ice. Jackass, Torino, and Commando showed up. So we had a private party until the bartender showed up. Darby finally woke up at 5pm. We kept going, I finally left 10pm.  There’s alot of things I’m leaving out of this…cause of decency.

Monday – I had my Grandmothers funeral, and the roughest part was seeing my Dad all tore up, and my cousins eulogy. She will be missed.


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