Monday Hangover

So after a week of debauchery I put the cherry on the top, and wind it down.

Friday – I went out for a few to Chicago Blue with Jackass, Torino, Commando, Geek Princess, and Talladega, it was a nice quiet time, we had some food had some laughs, I went home early bout 7pm, and called it a night.  Though Jackass tried to get me out, I just wanted to stay in.

Saturday – We had a big party for #1, OCD, and RJ. We started at Talladega’s and I polished of a half bottle of Whiskey myself, as well as many apple pie shots. Then we headed to JWH for the party. The band the Walk-ins were great. I got really drunk, a couple of things of note. I made out with Geek Princess for a photo op, I was cracking myself up. Then I tried to get OCD to break her New Years Resolution to not make out in a bar, she did resist me….I have 6 months left, and it’s going to be a long summer I think. Talladega got a little angry at Commando, over Frumpy but I think it’s more of a misunderstanding, and it will blow over soon. Went to Teehans, and Durbins it was blah there. Then I stopped at Jackass’s place for the after party.  I think Angry River was taking hold, and I had to leave the tomfoolery.

Sunday – I went to my Father’s for Easter, and then I went to my Grandpa’s spent some time with him.  Being the first Holiday without my Grandma it was a bit hard. I went to JWH, and Jackass was in rare form. Doing the worm, having his pants around his ankles, and at one point ripping his underwear off. We had a good laugh, I told him why don’t he take a shit in the mailbox, so he tried to get up to the mailbox but couldn’t. He had his pants half off, and I had two drinks in my hand. So I turned around so he could hop on my back. Then I heard a JWH bartender drive past and she was catcalling us. Then I realized how gay that it looked. We laughed so hard, and I needed that laugh.

I just want to say this, I have a couple of friends hurting right now over love issues, and I have to fucking laugh. They are in torment, because they love someone and they don’t love them, or they are torn between two loves, etc…etc.. They think they are in hell. They have no concept of what hell is. Me? Oh I know what Hell is, it’s my summer home.

Well I had a little over a week to avoid my problems, now it’s back to business. Get things back in order. Change is here, and I must heed it.


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