Osama Bin Laden is Dead, Did I Win Anything?

Do you remember where you were on 9/11? I do, I was at a job interview at Moraine Valley Community College…talk about a bad omen.  I remember though TV’s were rolled out, the interview stopped, and we all stared in horror as history unravelled before our eyes.

I understand Osama Bin Laden being dead is a milestone, but people are celebrating like we’re all going to get a free TV. I mean seriously people a dead Osama isn’t going to bring back those people that died in the World Trade Center, or bring back the soldiers who bravely died in Afghanistan, or Iraq.

Will it cripple the terrorists, I don’t know. I know Osama had power in terms of eluding us, he made the terrorists believe they could escape our justice.  Not anymore.

Is it a great day for America? No doubt it is, but we have to remember our job is not done. We must ever remain vigilant, and humble. We must walk quietly, and carry a big stick.  We did not win the war, we just won a battle. A big battle, but just a battle none the less.


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