Monday Hangover

Friday was really Friday the 13th, everything was blowing the hell up at work, so much so it occupied most of my mind this weekend, which I didn’t drink much. It was still wild, and insane it’s just I wasn’t the one causing it…this time.

So Friday after work, I met Torino, Commando, Jackass, and Talladega up at Home Depot, aka Chicago Blu. We call it Home Depot because it’s like our place to hide out sometimes during the day, so we all say we’re going to get some parts from Home Depot.  Commando was hammered so much so, I doubt I ever seen her that messed up, like she was spewing obscenities like she had Tourette’s, or whacking us all in the balls. She slurred her  S’s a bit, so we made fun of her about that. She was getting into the deep drunk conversations, like she would talk for 20 minutes about something, stop then go, “What was my point? I forgot”

After that Torino, and Commando called it quits for the night. I showered, went to Jackass’s, there was Frumpy, and RJ there. RJ had us doing a little dance to “It’s a small world”, ya know the Disney ride song. We talked about the movie Human Centipede, which I really do have to see now. Geek Princess showed up, then Frumpy, and RJ went home, and Jackass, Geek Princess, and I went to JWH.  Which was good, the band was great, but I really couldn’t get hammered like I wanted to, even went to Teehans, then Durbins, and still not drunk.  Oh well always tomorrow.

Saturday – We gathered for Torino’s birthday, it was Torino, Commando, Jackass, Geek Princess, #1, Nascar,  Frumpy, The German with Towelie, and RJ showing up later. We all went to Boilingbrook, to a bar called Tailgaters, to see Torino’s favorite band the Lounge Puppets. They were good, but being in a new place, the fact I had alot on my mind I kind of didn’t go nuts. Which worked out great for my friends, cause we we’re going to take a service home called Paddy Wagon, but they crashed on the way to the bar. So I drove everyone home.  

Oh what a show that was. Jackass screaming in the back about the radio, and Torino kicking my seat, and at one point covering my eyes, screaming, “Now your blind bitch!”  We finally arrived at Torinos safely. Geek Princess hopped out, and was in the lawn on all fours, making strange guttural noises, either she was puking…or turning into a wolf. Torino was puking as well on the side of the truck. I handed him his keys, he tossed them randomly in the truck. They all went inside, wait I forgot Frumpy. She was in the back, so I opened the back door, She was passed out. So after  a little bit of waking her up, she crawled to the front of the truck, she was sitting in the backseat. Screaming for me to get in. I was like, “Oookay” I got in, she gave me a big hug, and said, ” I love you River”,  and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I laughed, and said “I know, but we have to get you in the house”  So I got her out, she hopped out of the truck, and she flopped right on the concrete, so hard I was really worried. I had to literally pick her up and carry her in the house. I plopped Frumpy on a couch, told her to stay there. Geek Princess comes up to me, “I’m hungry”, I replied, “Very nice.”

Next I had to deal with Jackass bothering a puking Torino. I turned around….Where’s Frumpy? I see the door closing, I went out Frumpy went to Torino’s truck to get her phone, she almost fell down the stairs several times, I got her to the back room, where she puked and laid down to talk to Taladega on the phone. Cool she’s good, back to the rest of the clan.  Geek Princess finally passed out on the couch. Commando came up to me, crying about Torinos keys, so I went out and looked for them.  Meanwhile the lead singer of the band showed up by himself, because the girls invited him to the house. Which was pretty weird.

Commando entertained the lead singer, I checked in with Jackass, he broke into the bathroom where Torino was puking, tried to shit upon him, then fell and breaking the shower curtain. Lead singer finally left, Torino went to bed.  I checked in with Frumpy, she was sound asleep, there was no blanket, so I saw a towel covered her with that.

I chilled out with Jackass, he was wound up a bit so I cooled him out.  Commando checked  Frumpy with me one last time, she was like, “Umm, yea, that towel is the towel I use to clean myself after Torino Jizzes on me”.. I almost pissed myself laughing.  With everything pretty much in order, and safe I called it a night and left.

Sunday – It was a low key day, spent some time with my Grandfather, and Father, then went to JWH for a friends bday party, had a few. checked out RJ’s new car, it’s really nice, and then called it a night.

Today the problems I had Friday are slowly getting resolved, and things are looking somewhat back to normal.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Commando Says:

    Riv you are our savior!!! Thank you so much for pulling it together to drive us home!!! I’m so sorry!!! I need to correct one bit of info though, “the girls” did not invite the singer to the house, TORINO did!! I just gave him the address…which was bad on my part, but I was drunk. I never thought the dude would show up….not in a million years. Friday was a blast!! Even though I acquired Turettes and a speech impediment lol. Love ya buddy. Thanks for everything!! And I am very sorry you had to drive us home, but it is greatly appreciated 🙂

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