Rapture This Saturday

Well it’s the end of the world…again. I can’t wait. It would be awesome less people around. All the chicks will be the bad ones. We get a cool new tattoo with the mark of the beast.

Seriously though to be honest, every year this damn world is supposed to end, yet we’re still here. Heck I think we the human race are better at cockroaches when it comes to adapting, and surviving.

One of these days some omnipotent God is going to turn on the light switch, and we’re all going to scatter running towards under the proverbial fridge.

Could there be an end of the world? Sure when the Sun dies in 10 trillion years, I’d be an ignoramous to say it wouldn’t. Now will it end Saturday, lets just say I have a better chance fucking Miss America in the ass Saturday.

So if there are less people around, and my dick smells like Miss America’s shit…we’re all in trouble.


3 Responses to “Rapture This Saturday”

  1. My friend is having an “End of the World” Party.

    I am making German Chocolate cake. ^_^

  2. I’m having German chocalate cake on that day as well. Saturday is my birthday and I don’t want the world ending getting in the way. lol

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