Monday Hangover

Friday – Started off low key, and ramped up real mother fucking quick. Went out for some beer and pizza, and alot of my friend we’re already in the bag, not half way…but all the way in the bag. Alot of drama that day too, even the German made a remark. It was Sunday Funday, it was serious Friday. As for myself I find it humourous when there’s little melodramas within the group.  Like Frumpy was upset at Commando, and Geek Princess.  Frumpy was so angry she even told me to Fuck off. It was funny. The first shift of drunkies went home, and left me with Towelie, and RJ, even the German was out later then everyone else. The German finally went home, then it happened.   White Chocolate happened. My brother, my cousin White Chocolate, and my friend the “V” came out….when this happens no good comes of it. We went to Kickoffs, and from there the boat. I didn’t roll in until the sun was hitting my vampiric ass.

Saturday –  Went out with my Grandfather, there was mass for my Grandmother, I thought it would be nice if we went together, then we had dinner. After that Geek Princess had a little party. For awhile I was the only penis there, and oddly enough I don’t like to be around large packs of girls, the conversation turns to boys oft times, and I really don’t have anything to add. No shit men are scum, that’s why I don’t date them. LOL!. Anywho Church had me all messed in the head, it always does. So I wasn’t feeling the drinking. I ended up at Durbins with all these drunk bartenders, and waitresses.  Wondering how do I end up in these situations.

I sat for awhile alone after all was said and done, and smoke a cigar while sitting on a bench contemplating my life. I feel that change is in the air, I think it’s time to heed the call.

Sunday – Was a laid back kind of day, stopped by Stitches house for a party, then went out after for a few beers.

Monday – Went out for some Hooters with a friend of mine, ran into Jackass at JWH. and caught Hangover 2. I liked it alot. As good as the first one? No, but still good.


One Response to “Monday Hangover”

  1. white chocolate Says:

    good times

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