Monday Hangover

There are those weekends that get a little out of control even for me.

Friday – I went out just for a few drinks, and chill out. So I got to JWH. I recieved alot of compliments on this hat and shirt I wore.  I guess all these girls are rubbing off on me, and the importance of accerorizing.  As the night wore on, I started getting a little snookered. I was dancing with my friend Sissy for the longest time. She wanted to step on stage, the band wasn’t having it. I tried to talk her out of it, but Sissy is the type of woman, she want’s something she gets it. Thank god she got tired, and needed more to drink.  So I went to Teehans got my carbomb, there were alot of people up there I knew, had tons of laughs. Then I worked my way to Durbins, had a few there. My buddy Taladega, who just graduated from his apprenticehip was partying late, and we went back to his crib. I don’t like to play too many games while drinking…cause I’m serious about my drinking.  But because this little guy we brought from the bar was obnoxius, I had to step it up and play some beer pong. I had some beginners luck, but I had some fun. Didn’t roll in until 7am.

Saturday – I had a wedding to go to. A coworker of mine, at first it was awkward cause I went stag, but after a few in me it was all good.  I really do enjoy weddings, the girls are all dressed to the nines, booze, food, and dancing.  After that I hit the bars, no one was really out, but I finally hooked up with Towelie, and another friend of ours. We hit the Strip Joint, which I really get a thrill from turning down the hot girls who ask if I want a lapdance. There we saw a guy we all know, and he was plastered, lost his phone, and interupting fantasy dances, going, “Have you seen my phone, where’s my phone?”, it was funny, and me and Towelie were laughing about it the next day. We finished the night at Kickoffs, which I really have this crush on the bartender there. She’s a hottie, fo sheezy, but I rolled in at 6am.

Sunday – I stopped by at the Durbins crew picnic for a hot second, after which I took my Grandfather out for his 88th birtday to White Fence Farms, which is known for their chicken. Then I finished the night out at the bars, getting into a heart to heart with the barteneder at Durbins. She’s going through some problems, and I enjoy helping people.

Monday – I’m beat, but my boss is here no fricking nap for me today.


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