Ruthless in my Execution

So today I had to unleash the hounds on someone in the company, meaning I had to crack open their account, and research to see if there is any wrong doing against our policy.

Basically that means the company wants to get rid of a person, and they want me to give them the excuse. Sometimes it’s pretty nice when it’s a person I despise…and that’s a long list. Though I hate it when it’s a person I am friendly with, and I think is nice. I do my duty though because my company pays my bills, that nice person doesn’t. I am methodic and ruthless in my execution when I am given a task. 

This methodic ruthlessness I tend to exhibit manifests itself in my daily life in other ways, and sometimes it’s really effected my life. For example, when I am angry with a girl I like, and want to be with, I get mean. This meanness makes me say hurtful things, and because I know alot about that person, I can find the chink in her armor real quick, thus hurting her, and in the end pushing her away even more. Another example is my mother, I do not soften blows there either. When we get in an argument, I shoot to hurt her. In terms I know right where to direct my comments to make it the most painful.

Sometimes in the aftermath, I am truly sorry, and I try to make amends, but often times it’s too late the damage is done. I don’t know why I do it, I just do it.  Now to my credit, I have mellowed out since my younger days, but once in awhile I still crack.





2 Responses to “Ruthless in my Execution”

  1. Did you find any crotch shots, chest shots? Anything?

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